The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 45 (6.18.2018)


In the next few days the solstice will arrive, marking the longest day of the year before making its inexorable tread back to darkness.  So why not listen to some of the music the Nine Circles staff have been blasting in an increasingly futile attempt to impose some semblance of order into our chaotic lives? There’s a mix of a number of different sounds this week, running from hardcore and black metal to country and whatever we’re classifying Zeal & Ardor these days (besides excellent).

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Initial Descent: September 18’s New Releases in Brief

windhand band

What? Where’s “Wake Up and Smell the Satan”? Welp, our pal Ritual Grim’s taking a very well-deserved break this week. If I remember correctly, he’s spending his vacation standing menacingly in front of Kim Davis’s building in Kentucky, chanting various Satanic phrases. Grim gonna Grim, I guess.

In any case, you’ve got me to lead things off. And man, today’s a busy new release day. I don’t know if I just wasn’t paying close enough attention before, but after looking through the schedule earlier this morning, this week ended up being sneakily LOADED with new stuff. And more importantly, new stuff we actually care about, too! (For the most part, at least) Check it out:
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