The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 220 (2.26.2022)

playlist - mixtape

Say goodbye, February. I wish I could say goodbye to the panic, the anxiety, and the fear as well, but tyrants are gonna tyrant, I guess. At least there’s music to keep us from falling over the brink, so let’s just jump into the 220th edition of the Nine Circles Playlist, and do what we can to stay informed, stay sane, and make what small differences we can to make this planet better for everyone.

I’m framing the playlist out with some Scatterbrain, because that describes my mental state at the moment and quite frankly it’s the music I needed to lighten the mood up. Anton brings in Ernia, Mass Worship, and Playgrounded. Josh mixes it up with Analepsy, Atoll, Black Flag and some vintage Dokken, among others. Vincent continues falling for Mitski and toe, but also rages with Worm and the new Falls of Rauros. Angela features the latest from Messa, Celeste, and Trna as well as a banger from Oathbreaker. And Buke? Buke goes with the latest from Spirit Adrift and Evil Invaders, but then hits the wayback button for some Candlemass, Dark Angel, Mercyful Fate, and Megadeth.

Get listening. Stay safe. See you next week.


Receiving the Evcharist: Worm and Breakaway Beerworks

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Receiving the Evcharist is our weekly feature where I don’t just talk about a new metal album, I also consume and talk about alcohol! Sometimes they pair up nicely, sometime they don’t. My cup of heresy runneth over this week with: Foreverglade from Worm and Ukiyo from Breakaway Beerworks.

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Album Review: Worm — “Foreverglade”

Worm - Foreverglade

If you’re from the US (and even if you’re not), you probably tend to rag on the state of Florida for being…well, Florida, despite the fact that some of the finest music known to man has come from those swamps.  “Reeking, foul humidity,” “arcane travesty of nature,” “suffocatingly heavy” and “monstrosities of the murk” are all ways that Florida has probably been described in the cultural vernacular.  It also happens to describe Worm, the Florida-based death doom project that celebrates all things gloomy, swampy and yucky on their newest release Foreverglade.  Get your waders on, folks.

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Initial Descent: October 17 – 23, 2021


As we inch closer and closer to Devil’s Night, this week of new metal absolutely has any and all soundtrack needs covered. And, we’re cranking the chainsaw with a smattering of death metal and a pinch of doom thrown in for good measure. First up is a band that, to me, is legendary in death metal and has always encapsulated what that genre tag means: the mighty MASSACRE. Am I excited? Damn right. It’s been too long, but they’re back with a great album. Following that is an absurdly nasty death doom outing from Worm, a 50/50 merge of Swedish and Floridian leaning death metal from Lovecraftianists Bizarre, slamming death groove from Waking The Cadaver, and, as always, a ton more in the list below. Dig in and enjoy!

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