Album Review: Various Artists — “We All Want Our Time In Hell” (Samhain Tribute)


The work of goth/punk band Samhain may be forever overshadowed by singer Glenn Danzig’s previous and subsequent projects, the Misfits and Danzig. However, it is not for lack of influence, with its prodigious, unconfined sound and horror aesthetics giving early shape to a legion of styles. We All Want Our Time In Hell Samhain Tribute, a new compilation album by a range of emerging and veteran punk, metal and noise bands, is deeply grounded in that history, with a glance to the future. Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: Lucifera – “Alianzas de Acero y Metal”


Colombia’s Lucifera got their start in 2008, split once then reformed and as of February 24 will be releasing their third full length, Preludio del Mal (Morbid Skull Records) which is twelve tracks of vicious blackened thrash metal. It shares the same kind of vitriol Sarcofago spit many years ago but also shares an early Venom vibe in the sense of speed and a lo-fi, almost organic sound. Further making this album a must have offering is the way the band intertwines melodic passages yet still manages such an explosive and sinister feel. Today we have an exclusive stream of the fourth track “Alianzas de Acero y Metal” (translated: steel and metal alliances) which is a perfect example of the kind of furious speed and memorable songwriting the band is capable of. And those vocals from Alejandra Blasfemia, sung in the bands native tongue, are primitive and deadly lending perfectly to the whiplash nature of the song as well as raising the ferocity level several more notches. Don’t wait any longer, jump in and have a listen. Continue reading

CANTO: Hells Headbash lineup, Zakk Wylde tour, more Ozzy drama


“Hark, men of faith, when you set fire to the fields, the grass grew stronger. Listen, men of law, when you turned from life, the flames endured.”

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

Album Review: Acid Witch – “Midnight Movies”

Acid Witch Midnight Movies

Acid Witch are just about to head off on a European tour, (find dates here) but before they abandon the Midwest and speed off on angelic, winged motorcycles of death, they decided to leave a little piece of themselves behind in the form of a four-song EP entitled Midnight Movies. The band is, at its core, a stoner doom band, but here, they’ve upped the ante and put together a unique blend of 1980’s horror film covers that are, musically speaking, spook-tastic, horror-laced doom with a twist of skate-punk and party-rock that is sure to leave your head bopping and your colon horrified. (And if that cover art doesn’t make your loins salivate then I don’t know what will.) Continue reading