Album Review: Acid Witch – “Midnight Movies”

Acid Witch Midnight Movies

Acid Witch are just about to head off on a European tour, (find dates here) but before they abandon the Midwest and speed off on angelic, winged motorcycles of death, they decided to leave a little piece of themselves behind in the form of a four-song EP entitled Midnight Movies. The band is, at its core, a stoner doom band, but here, they’ve upped the ante and put together a unique blend of 1980’s horror film covers that are, musically speaking, spook-tastic, horror-laced doom with a twist of skate-punk and party-rock that is sure to leave your head bopping and your colon horrified. (And if that cover art doesn’t make your loins salivate then I don’t know what will.)

Now, this being an Acid Witch record (one that celebrates 1980’s horror flicks), there are going to be a lot of campy horror movie samples on Midnight Movies, so if that’s not your thing then it’s time for you to move on. (And, also, I pity you.) This EP really made me stop and take notice of Acid Witch in a way I previously hadn’t. If you find doomy, stoner riffs, campy horror flicks, and massive amounts of fun intriguing, then you’re about step onto a ride that you won’t ever want to get off.

The album opens with “I’m Back” (Sorcery from Rocktober Blood)—an appropriate cover to start off their first solo release in nearly five years. We kick off with the kind of super beefy riff you want to play on loop forever. “I’m Back” has a great balance of thrashy vocals and horrifying growls. If you don’t bang your head along with this thing…well, as the lyrics claim, “there will be hell to pay.”

The second track, “After Midnight,” (Fastway from Trick or Treat) is more of a cock-rock piece. The throaty growl predominates the mix with crunching guitars and a rhythm section that just lays a backbone thick as a steel I-beam. Acid Witch employ their keyboards—which are always, at least with them, a perfectly placed campy effect—like something out of a Ti West film. Combine that with some gang vocals and a a screaming guitar solo and you have another banger of a track.

“Soldiers of the Night” (Black Roses from Black Roses) is probably the best track to blast out of your T-Top Pontiac GTO. The track rocks with all the fury of a 1970’s power trio. There is also an organ included to contribute to the mood that Acid Witch demands. Spin those tires and burn some rubber as you drop the bodies off at the morgue. Then cruise over to pick up your buddies, crack a few beers and sing your guts out to this rocker. Fans of Night Demon are going to be utterly pleased to fist pump to this track.

Remember how I said that there was a touch of skate-punk and party-rock in here? Well, the EP’s final track is aptly titled “Partytime” (45 Graves from Return of the Living Dead). If this can exist as a genre, this is “party-doom” at its best. “Partytime” opens with a sample from Return of the Living Dead which really helps date the it. The song is a great 1980’s skate punk jam. Just wait for your parents to head out for the night and point the floodlights at the half-pipe in your backyard.

Overall, Acid Witch has put out another super fun, catchy, riff-laden work that you want to listen to on cassette while doing donuts in your dad’s sports car. It’s a remarkably cohesive work of art given all that is occurring throughout in how they rework these tunes. It’s by far the most interesting and catchy work the band’s put out to date. I need a lot more of this in my life so I’m hoping an LP of originals follows shortly. So go forth and conquer in the spirit of the witch.


Midnight Movies will be available April 1 on Hells Headbangers.  For more information on Acid Witch, visit the band’s Facebook page.

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

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