Profile: Yngve Andersen of Deathpop Dynamos Blood Command

Blood Command
Blood Command

Blood Command formed in 2008 and have went to great lengths to experience, through the modicum of their sound, damn near every genre out there and have done so with the kind of unfettered realness we generally never get to see. Meaning, it gives many fans that place to go when they don’t fit in to some specific thing or genre or frame of mind in general. Their self tagged ‘Deathpop’ is fitting since they’ve actually done death metal but dance the edges of melodic pop punk, among so many other things, in an effort to get listeners to just have a good time and forget all the ills of the world and whatever they might be going through at the time. Music has that power and Blood Command wields it with impunity, particularly so on their upcoming EP, Return of the Arsonist. I dare you to listen and not sing along to those choruses, just sayin’. Ahead of this EP’s release we reached out to guitarist Yngve Andersen with our set of Profile questions and he was generous in offering their backstory and some blistering takes so head below for how it went down. Continue reading

The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 71 (03.16.2019)

playlist - mixtape

Welcome back and happy Saturday everyone.  I come to you again from the land of Post-Concert Exhaustion.  Last night, as of this writing, was the LA stop of the Baroness/Deafheaven co-headlining tour, which yours truly made an appearance at.  While the package’s opener left me a little cold (sorry, don’t @ me), Baroness turned me from a casual enjoyer to a full-on convert with their euphoric set, and Deafheaven continue to be head and shoulders above the vast majority of modern metal acts, always in fine form no matter how rigorous their tour schedule may be.  The cure for any wretched week usually involves seeing one of my all-time favorite bands live, and I feel like a brand new human being.  Of course, if your Saturday is looking glum, you can always throw on our mixtape and dance around the house in your pajamas.  That sounds like a good time too.  And really, you deserve it.

– Vincent

The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 7 (9.5.2017)


Greetings, everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the extended weekend (at least those that of you that could). Personally, I’m JUST rolling in the door late on Monday night following a long trip through New York. I’m still fighting the upcoming sobriety and the inevitable hangover that will come with it, and while I do so I figured I would throw together our latest playlist. This week’s edition features some hits from the last couple years as well as some names you may be hearing more from in the near future. I won’t spoil anymore than that. ANYWAY. You know where to find our other playlists, so let’s roll into it…

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