Album Review: Crypt Rot — “An Ancient Summoning”

An Ancient Summoning, the debut full length from Welsh death metal band Crypt Rot, opens with the sound of Justin Wallisch’s stampeding drums. Guitarist and bassist Tom Hughes starts laying down the punishing riffs. It’s the kind of intensity you want to start a death metal album. Finally, Kyle Shaun Thomas’ vocals start and the song kind of falls apart. Does Thomas have a death metal growl and/or bark? Yes. Do these vocals work with the music behind him? The best descriptor for the vocals on most of the album is Death Metal Muppet. They bounce around trying to match the riffs and the melody. It sounds like someone playing catch up.  This is the work of a band trying to find it’s feet. So, we’ll start there.

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Album Review: Atoll — “Prepuce” (EP)

Atoll - Prepuce

If one were ever on the hunt for a brutal death metal album that features snippets from Family Guy, has a distinctively vile title with equally vile but comedic song titles, and exorbitant pig squeals, look no further than Prepuce from the Sonoran Desert madmen, Atoll. There must be something in the water…er…sand there since that area has been churning out some incredible metal for some time now and as the PR speak says of this EP, “pure American brutality,” Atoll fit the bill. But also take time to make you laugh, hysterically. 

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Album Review: Analepsy — “Quiescence”

Analepsy - Quiescence

Space. The final frontier. That’s what they say, but Portugal’s Analepsy kickstarted their career with an album that told of mass destruction of the solar system’s inhabitants and on Quiescence, the cosmos is empty and awaiting its demise. So it would seem that ‘final’ is a loose term and that more stories are yet to be told. Later discussion, to be sure. One thing is for certain, in the here and now, Analepsy’s brand of slamming brutal death metal is not your typical paint by numbers fare as they weave classic strains of death metal with more current sounding melodic yet brutal flair. And if the subject matter is on the grand scope of crushing the cosmos, it better be something to match that scale.

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Profile: Michal Kusak of Tech-Death Metallers Supreme Conception

Supreme Conception, from the Czech Republic, have been around since 2006 and with their impending EP, Empires of the Mind, will have two EP’s under their belt. You may be thinking the band is lingering in rookie status, but you’d be dead wrong. The dizzying maelstrom of technical precision and speed combined with brutal death metal swagger makes for a damn excellent listen. And, even better that this thing sounds AMAZING. Crystal clear and vicious to its core. I’d go on and on about the band and EP, but vocalist Michal Kusak was extremely gracious in his reply to our Profile set of questions and went into tons of details on the band, creation of, the whys and hows, and their collective passion for this music. Head inside to read all about them and be sure to hit the links to secure your own copy of the EP.

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Embracing the Descent: February 14 – 20, 2021


Hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since I did one of these. This probably matters to no one, but that’s a long time and I miss the mini-review format. So, I’m sitting here having the first drink of the evening and I want to tip this glass back many times, listen to metal, and say some stuff about it. And, all of it will be pulled from the current crop of incoming releases. The deeper in I get, my glass will go from full to empty at least a couple, or three, times so results may vary. Let’s do this and don’t forget to check out the full listing from Monday’s Initial Descent

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