The Third Circle of Bandcamp: March 2020 Edition

third circle of Bandcamp header

How are you all holding up? Is the isolation driving you crazy? Do you miss your friends and family? Are you tired of joggers not maintaining social distance? Regardless, I hope you and yours are well during what can only be described as the biggest event any of us will ever live through. And I do hope we live through it. But enough about what’s happening outside, you are here to have some metal drilled directly into your ear holes! So to the point! Continue reading

Premiere: Clouds Collide – “Parallel Ruminations”

clouds collide - they don't sleep anymore

Over the course of two full-lengths, a spilt and ambient EP, Clouds Collide has made a habit of using the intensely personal to connect on a universal scale.  It’s been four years since 2015’s stunning All Things Shining and in that time Chris Pandolfo has been steadily building toward another leap in the way his band communicates through the language of music.  In anticipation of the release of They Don’t Sleep Anymore on July 26th, Nine Circles is proud to premiere the penultimate track of the album, the massive “Parallel Ruminations.” Continue reading

Interview: Chris Pandolfo of Clouds Collide on Seasons, Emotion and Hockey

clouds collide all things shining interview

Clouds Collide, the solo project of Chris Pandolfo, puts out some of the best blackgaze available. His most recent album, All Things Shining, has garnered a surprising amount of attention and praise for a completely independent project. (Check out our review here). And when Chris isn’t putting out stellar, beautiful atmospheric music, he’s generally being an all-around “good dude” — and/or thinking about hockey.

Recently, Chris was kind enough to take some time out of his busy life to answer some questions from the Nine Circles team. Here’s what he had to say Continue reading

Album Review: Clouds Collide – “All Things Shining”

clouds collide all things shining

Imagine that you’re laying on the bank of a running river, with sounds of nature echoing in the background. Then suddenly, a heavenly piano sweeps in, and a soothing voice whispers, “I’ll be alright if you’ll be alright.” It’s a moment so sublime that you can’t help but feel at ease, and it’s the kind at which Clouds Collide‘s new album, All Things Shining, proves particularly adept. Even in its heavier moments—and yes, there are plenty—it’s a gorgeous listen that will transport you to a state of total serenity.  Continue reading