The Third Circle of Bandcamp: March 2020 Edition

third circle of Bandcamp header

How are you all holding up? Is the isolation driving you crazy? Do you miss your friends and family? Are you tired of joggers not maintaining social distance? Regardless, I hope you and yours are well during what can only be described as the biggest event any of us will ever live through. And I do hope we live through it. But enough about what’s happening outside, you are here to have some metal drilled directly into your ear holes! So to the point!

This mix begins with the strangely hopeful instrumental opener from the new Sutrah album, which is a short four track banger, and that energy carries into just a tiny taste of what the new Wake has to offer (other than being Album of the Month here at Nine Circles). Next is a side project from one of the Secret Cutter guys, featuring Chris Pandolfo from Clouds Collide on vocals, for Organ Grinder, an excellent genre-bending album with roots in screamo. We wrap up the angry section with a track from the debut of Eye Flys, a supergroup performing noisy raw metal. And who doesn’t love guillotines in 2020?

Dialing it back a little, we start the second half with the closing tune from Lord Buffalo’s Tohu Wa Bohu, which is both intense and emotional. Seems apropos for the zeitgeist. Then roll into some quality Elder-worship in the forms of both Huntsmen and Velnias. Finally, we wrap up with 25 minutes of atmospheric black metal, from Skyeater, followed by the collaboration between Mare Cognitum and Spectral Lore.

That’s it for March. Stay the fuck home, listen to more metal, support more artists, and flatten the goddamned curve. Oh, and make a special point of buying merch if you can; it’s hard times for artists who can’t make any touring money.

Buy all of these albums for about $73. This month it’s hard to create the playlist alone since most albums won’t sell single tracks. But, support artists!



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