Premiere: Clouds Collide – “Parallel Ruminations”

clouds collide - they don't sleep anymore

Over the course of two full-lengths, a spilt and ambient EP, Clouds Collide has made a habit of using the intensely personal to connect on a universal scale.  It’s been four years since 2015’s stunning All Things Shining and in that time Chris Pandolfo has been steadily building toward another leap in the way his band communicates through the language of music.  In anticipation of the release of They Don’t Sleep Anymore on July 26th, Nine Circles is proud to premiere the penultimate track of the album, the massive “Parallel Ruminations.”

The first thing that springs to the fore is the confidence of Pandolfo’s voice: played against a ringing backdrop of clean guitars and syncopated drums, the ease with which he moves from raging scream to clean, plaintive melodies is striking.  They’ve always been present in previous Clouds Collide songs, but never as prominent or central as they feel on these songs.  Moving between sweeping, anthemic chords and more ambient passages the strength of “Parallel Ruminations” lies in its unapologetic gift of melody, of refusing to cater to more extreme tendencies and simply stay in the moment, in the fragile glass beauty of pained reflection.  That sense of fragility explodes at the song’s climax, as solos break way to more screams and double kicks.  But the truth lay, moreso than perhaps any of the band’s previous output, in the way the words rise out of the emotional maelstrom:

In suffering, we look out to find meaning
To merge these bonds from a 
realm away from here
Then we’ll see all this pain was for nothing
And life itself is just a dream of
someone else

clouds collide - band pic
Chris Pandolfo, aka Clouds Collide

You can decide for yourself when They Don’t Sleep Anymore arrives on July 26th.

– Chris

They Don’t Sleep Anymore will be available July 26 on War Crime Recordings. For more information on Clouds Collide, visit their Facebook page.

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