Album Review: Duende en la Penumbra — “That Same Evergreen I Love So Well, Despite the Way Its Shadows Make Me Sad”

Blast beats to melancholy drumming, tremolo picking to soft folk guitar—top it off with poetic lyrics in different languages growled, sung, and spoken, wrap it all up in a beautifully illustrated package and you get That Same Evergreen I Love So Well, Despite the Way Its Shadows Make Me Sad.  The talented NYC duo Duende en la Penumbra brings plenty to the table in this debut album.  Their unique blend of genres (black metal, folk, progressive metal, electronic, to name a few) and blend of languages (English, French, Spanish) create something intriguing and ever-changing. Continue reading

Album Review: The Pod – “The Pod”

The Pod - The Pod

Scott Endres has been a busy man over the years with MAKE, which most of you will be familiar with, and The Pod, which you may or may not be familiar with. The Pod has existed right alongside MAKE and is the place Endres goes to make music that is completely devoid of any outside interferences and completely on his own terms. His latest album, The Pod, is a collection of personal favorites over the last few years and a couple new tracks, all of which are an amalgamation of drone, electronic, ambient and even black metal. But it works, and tremendously so. Continue reading

Exclusive Premiere: The Pod – “Lifegiver” & Interview With Scott Endres (The Pod, MAKE)

The Pod - The Pod

Nine Circles is extremely pleased to announce that North Carolina’s The Pod will be releasing their upcoming album, titled The Pod, June 2 via Accident Prone Records. In anticipation of that release, we have an exclusive preview of the fourth track from the new album titled “Lifegiver.” And on top of all that we also have an interview with The Pod’s mastermind Scott Endres. More than enough reason for excitement (and we are very excited), so dive right in to get the details. Continue reading

Profile: Christian McKenna of Hex Inverter

Hex Inverter
Hex Inverter

Revision, the second full length from Pennsylvania’s Hex Inverter, saw its release a little over a month ago. Once the album’s hooks are set, putting it down is not an easy task. It’s different to be sure, no grinding guitars or blast beats but the electronic and industrial repetitiveness layered over ambient, and at times folk, soundscapes is nothing short of mesmerizingly addictive. From “I Swear I’m Not My Thoughts” with its bombastic western flair to the drone and psychedelic folk of “Daphne” to the dark and industrious “Cannibal Eyes” the album begs repeated listens to fully wrap your brain around. We recently had the opportunity to ask Christian McKenna (vocals, keys and loops) our set of Profile questions, see what he had to say after the jump.

Continue reading

The Nine Circles Ov… Ulver

It’s always daunting to do this column to begin with, since most of the bands we cover in Nine Circles Ov… have huge discographies. Add that, then, to the fact that today’s band left the metal scene long ago but are still recognized by metal listeners as important, and you have a conundrum. Norway’s Ulver phased out of metal early in their career, and since the late 90s have covered just about every musical style under the sun, amassing an array of releases over time. This list doesn’t begin to plumb the depths of what they have to offer, but here are the Nine Circles Ov… Ulver. Continue reading