Thy Catafalque’s Tamás on “Vadak,” creating music on a Commodore Amiga, the art of blending multiple styles and genres, and much more!

Photo by Orsolya Karancz

Thy Catafalque hold the great distinction of simply sounding like no other band out there.  Hot off the heels of their stunning 2020 release Naiv comes Vadak, and it’s no secret to say the entire 9C crew is in the bag for more twisting songs that break genre convention yet maintain a level of heaviness that will induce even the most discerning of metalheads to thrash with abandon.

The Man with an Iron Voice Buke sat down with the mastermind behind the band Tamás Kátai to discuss the history and genesis of the band and that evolution from humble demo beginnings on a Commodore Amiga of all things to the lush melange of sounds that have permitted the most recent recordings and especially Vadak.   From the opening synth of “Szarvas” to the sublime hints of Paul Simon of all people (does no one else hear that?) on “Köszöntsd A Hajnalt” all the way to the final seconds of closer “Zúzmara” you’ll be in awe at where the album goes, and how successfully it marries everything onto a firm foundation of metal.  

thy catafalque - vadak

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Vadak is available now on Season of Mist. For more information on Thy Catafalque, check out their Facebook page.

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