Exclusive Stream: Hellkeeper – “Threadbare”

Hellkeeper - A World Within Flesh
Upstate New York’s Hellkeeper will be releasing their debut A World Within Flesh on April 7th. But for now we have the track “Threadbare” for your listening pleasure ahead of the album’s release. Hellkeeper are the epitome of classic thrash meets current day aggressiveness and “Threadbare” is but one example of what might happen if early Slayer met up with early Converge to cut a track. The clean vocals here are a bit of a departure from what you’ll hear on A World Within Flesh but shows a band with more tricks up their sleeve than meets the eye. But don’t let these clean passages fool you, when they sing of rust and complexities they are lulling you into a sense of false security — further listening proves otherwise. Hellkeeper aren’t here to make friends, they are here to bash your skull in so don’t waste any more time, cozy up to our exclusive stream after the jump.

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Exclusive Stream: Ghost Horizon – “Radiant Eyes”

Ghost Horizon - The Erotics of Disgust

Arizona’s post black metallers Ghost Horizon have announced April 7 as the release date for their highly anticipated second EP The Erotics of Disgust which consists of four intensely emotional songs clocking in at a super fast 18 minutes. Seriously, as soon as you dig in this thing is over and way too soon if you ask me. Even though the band has self tagged this as post black metal to me it’s four tracks of deeply immersive and emotive black metal, bearing just enough of the aggressive blast beats and scathing vocals to keep the elite happy while leaning on light and airy sections bookmarked with the occasional clean vocal to keep those of us looking for an escape happy. So it really is the perfect medium to fully let yourself go with. Today we have an exclusive stream of opening track “Radiant Eyes” for your listening pleasure after the jump. But, don’t blame me if you get completely bowled over with it since I had the exact same response. Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: Lucifera – “Alianzas de Acero y Metal”


Colombia’s Lucifera got their start in 2008, split once then reformed and as of February 24 will be releasing their third full length, Preludio del Mal (Morbid Skull Records) which is twelve tracks of vicious blackened thrash metal. It shares the same kind of vitriol Sarcofago spit many years ago but also shares an early Venom vibe in the sense of speed and a lo-fi, almost organic sound. Further making this album a must have offering is the way the band intertwines melodic passages yet still manages such an explosive and sinister feel. Today we have an exclusive stream of the fourth track “Alianzas de Acero y Metal” (translated: steel and metal alliances) which is a perfect example of the kind of furious speed and memorable songwriting the band is capable of. And those vocals from Alejandra Blasfemia, sung in the bands native tongue, are primitive and deadly lending perfectly to the whiplash nature of the song as well as raising the ferocity level several more notches. Don’t wait any longer, jump in and have a listen. Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: Escape is not Freedom – “Dispossess”


Chicago’s noise/rock/sludge trio Escape is not Freedom will be releasing their second album Goldsmith on February 24 and today we have the premier of “Dispossess“. This track may be slower than the rest but is nonetheless devastating, featuring guest vocals from Emily Jancetic that brings a Julie Christmas feel to the song and that’s always a good thing. The slight change of pace here veers from their AmRep-ish noise but lets some of their other influences bleed through; shades of heavier post metal and the sludgy bounce of a more playful Melvins towards songs end all makes for an engaging and addictive song. See for yourself after the jump. Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: Deadwound – “Witch”


Black Bow Records has announced the debut EP, Identity Shapes, from SW London based Deadwound and is set for a February 17 release. The band features members of Bast and Silent Front which readily explains their black metal soaked doom/sludge set to the pace of d-beat hardcore. Ahead of the EP’s release we have an exclusive stream of “Witch,” the third track and quite possibly one of the best. Take a listen for yourself after the jump. Continue reading