Exclusive Stream: Iraconji – “Road to War”


Iraconji is a death metal/thrash hybrid project originating out of Nashville. After a few lineup changes and a temporary dissolution in 2011, Iraconji have spent the majority of the last few years fine-tuning their brutally aggressive take on metal through a number of live shows and a 3 song demo. Enter 2016, and Iraconji is gearing up for the release of their debut full-length Global Genocide set to drop on October 1st. Nine Circles is proud to bring you an exclusive track, “Road to War”, after the jump.

Iraconji band pic

Fans of everything from Exodus to Slayer will find plenty to appreciate in the high tempo “Road to War”. Utilizing punishing riffage that takes us back to peak-Slayer, coupled with an incredibly thrashy cadence, “Road to War” is an impressively cohesive combination of styles. Even offering a healthy dose of melody within this intensity towards the final third of this song, this is four and a half minutes of music that is sure to appeal to a wide audience. It has plenty of energy to fire up a listener without ever growing stale or feeling too over-the-top. Overall, it is a well-engineered display of aggression.

Today, Iraconji features Matt Chadwell (guitar), Nathan Yarroll (bass), Drew Jones (guitar), Kyle Caldwell (drums), and Hardy Hardison (vocals). Recorded at Studio D with Dave Summers in Tullahoma, be sure to pick up Global Genocide when it drops this fall.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

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