Exclusive Stream: Kratornas – “Dead Burning Christ”


With a new album looming, Saskatchewan-based black metal project Kratornas are kicking off this week with a new track titled “Dead Burning Christ”, which can be streamed here. After a tumultuous few years, it signifies a prominent return for Kratornas through a welcomed dose of pure black metal ferocity.

A project that began originally back in 1991 under a different name, sole visionary and musician Zachariah initiated the Kratornas project in 1995. After a decade-plus of on and off activity that included a hiatus from 2011-2015, Kratornas re-emerged in Saskatchewan, prepared to release a new collection of raw, brutal black metal. This particular sample, “Dead Burning Christ”, is a tight and unrelenting barrage of chaotic percussion, exceptionally dark vocal passages, and impressive lead guitar work.


The third album in the Kratornas project will be out this coming December. In the meantime, check out “Dead Burning Christ” immediately below. For more information, check out the official website and Facebook page.


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