Beyond Creation’s Simon Girard on their new collaborative beer “Entre Stout et Mirage,” Montréal, Tech Death, and much more!

beyond creation band

Beyond Creation have become a giant in the tech death arena since forming in 2005 (under a different moniker) and, have done this with just three full lengths which is impressive to say the least. Beyond that, the band has a progressive side as well that went full tilt on their last album Algorythm. Now, they’ve paired with Vox and Hops Brewtal North America and Overhop for a stout beer named closely after one of their songs. Head inside for an in depth discussion with Simon Girard via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

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Exclusive Stream: Tyrants Blood – “Decree of the Dead”

Tyrants Blood - Into the Kingdom of Graves

On December 23rd, Tridroid Records will be reissuing the 2013 album Into the Kingdom of Graves from Canada’s Tyrants Blood on vinyl, complete with liner notes and a download code for the band’s compilation album Coven. In case you missed this brutal yet forward thinking death metal mammoth the first time around, there is no better time than now to jump on board with our exclusive stream of the track “Decree of the Dead”.  Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: Kratornas – “Dead Burning Christ”


With a new album looming, Saskatchewan-based black metal project Kratornas are kicking off this week with a new track titled “Dead Burning Christ”, which can be streamed here. After a tumultuous few years, it signifies a prominent return for Kratornas through a welcomed dose of pure black metal ferocity.

A project that began originally back in 1991 under a different name, sole visionary and musician Zachariah initiated the Kratornas project in 1995. After a decade-plus of on and off activity that included a hiatus from 2011-2015, Kratornas re-emerged in Saskatchewan, prepared to release a new collection of raw, brutal black metal. This particular sample, “Dead Burning Christ”, is a tight and unrelenting barrage of chaotic percussion, exceptionally dark vocal passages, and impressive lead guitar work.


The third album in the Kratornas project will be out this coming December. In the meantime, check out “Dead Burning Christ” immediately below. For more information, check out the official website and Facebook page.


Interview: Nathanael Larochette on Solo Compositions, Workload and Canada


Nathanael Larochette is well known as the guitarist of Canadian bands Musk Ox and The Night Watch. He has also performed on albums by Woods of Ypres and Agalloch. Last month, he released his second solo release, Earth and Sky, a double album. The albums have a distinct sound, Earth consists of solo classical guitar tracks whereas Sky is a single 40 minute ambient track. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to both albums and sent a few questions to Nathanael to find out more about the albums, the writing process and more.  Continue reading

Album Review: Serocs – “And When the Sky Was Opened”


I wasn’t going to write two reviews this week. It’s Thanksgiving. It’s time to sit back, loosen the belt and eat an incredibly unhealthy amount of food in honor of the Pilgrims (and eventually other people from England, Spain, Portugal, etc.) who set about destroying a beautiful, fertile country and massacring an entire population. But then I saw that no one had claimed the new Serocs album and I figured, if you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself. Because, well, multi-national purveyors of technically proficient death metal Serocs are awesome. And their new album And When the Sky Was Opened is their best to date. Continue reading