Beyond Creation’s Simon Girard on their new collaborative beer “Entre Stout et Mirage,” Montréal, Tech Death, and much more!

beyond creation band

Beyond Creation have become a giant in the tech death arena since forming in 2005 (under a different moniker) and, have done this with just three full lengths which is impressive to say the least. Beyond that, the band has a progressive side as well that went full tilt on their last album Algorythm. Now, they’ve paired with Vox and Hops Brewtal North America and Overhop for a stout beer named closely after one of their songs. Head inside for an in depth discussion with Simon Girard via The Nine Circles Audio Thing.

Our main man on the mic, Buke, chats with Simon about this new beer venture and how it all came about as well as the whys of picking a coffee stout to be their maiden voyage into the beer market. They also cover technical death metal in general, band and personal musical history and how Simon’s Grandfather made a huge impact on him, the explosion of craft breweries in Montréal as well as stateside, some of Simon’s favorite beers and favorite death metal, and how they continue to experiment with tech death without crossing the line of alienating fans. As a bonus, we get some talk about Simon’s upcoming solo album. This is an excellent chat so jump in and enjoy!

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Entre Stout et Mirage is available now on Overhop. For more information on Beyond Creation, visit their Facebook page. For more information on Vox and Hops and this beer, as well as upcoming Brewtal North America releases, check out their official website.

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