Visions ov Hell: Operation: Mindcrime – “The Burn”

operation mindcrime the burn

Welcome to another edition of Visions ov Hell! This week, we’re going to take a look at Operation: Mindcrime and their new video for “The Burn” — otherwise known as “four-minutes-of-Geoff-Tate-somehow-completely-ignoring-total-idiocy-around-him. Oh, you think I’m joking? That’s more or less all we get in this video. Let’s break it down:  Continue reading

CANTO: Unlocking the Truth get hacked, Abbath plays Tuska, and more

unlocking the truth

Long day here and a long night ahead, so let’s not waste any time. Here’s what we missed today:

  • The kids in Unlocking the Truth appear to be victims of an unfortunate Facebook hack. (Cue my mother saying “SEE? THIS IS WHAT CAN HAPPEN WHEN YOU SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON THE INTERNET!)
  • Just a few months after the unceremonious end of his former band Immortal, Abbath performed at Tuska Open Air with his new, eponymous band this past weekend. We’ll see what comes of this.
  • Phil Anselmo offered some less-than-coherent thoughts on the Confederate flag debate during an interview with The Metal Den. Right, because if there’s anyone I want to have weigh in on this, it’s Phil.
  • Oh dear lord, Geoff Tate‘s doing things again. I don’t know what’s funniest about all this: the fact that he’s calling his band Operation: Mindcrime, the stupid hairdo he’s rocking in that promo photo, or the stupid fleur-de-lis USB stick on the album cover. Just hang it up, Geoff. Please.
  • And finally, Myrkur released a new video for their song, “Onde Børn.” Check it out here:

This is all the pretty. I’m all about this. Anyway, that’ll wrap things up for now. Check back tomorrow for the usual!

Keep it heavy,

Throwback Thursday: What Band Are You Thankful For?

Happy Turkey Day, everyone. On this day, it is important to look back at what we are grateful to have in our lives. Now, I don’t know about you, but music is definitely one of those things. So, to mix it up a bit for this week’s Throwback, let’s reflect on bands we are truly thankful for…


On this Thanksgiving, I give thanks for Queensryche. They used to be a half-decent, if not a bit contrived, heavy metal band. And now, they are the greatest, most satisfying of metal punching-bags (non-Palmeri-division). This is particularly true when discussing the Geoff Tate variety of the band – now known as ‘the voice of Queensryche’ or ‘Operation Mindcrime’ or some shit like that because #PastGlories. Anyway, thanks Queensryche – I’d say ‘keep doing you’, but that wouldn’t be fair because there are now two yous. And they both currently suck.



The one band I am thankful for and have gone back to more now that it’s winter is Agalloch. Listening to ‘Falling Snow’ due to the, well, first snow is an annual obligation. But in all truthfulness, no band has had more of an impact on what I listen to. The way Agalloch manages to transcend genres locked me in from the first time I ever heard The Mantle. Furthermore, being one who dabbles in the forest- and mountain-based adventures as frequently as I do, no other band accents my lifestyle better. They tend to me epic things even more epic. For that, I am thankful for Agalloch. Unlike Dan, I will say ‘keep doing you’. Because so far that’s going pretty well.


That’ll do it for now. No quickies today. Enjoy your food, drink, and company. Happy Thanksgiving!

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

– Corey

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up. 

Sunday Side-Splitter: Geoff Tate’s Self-Fellating Video EPK

Afternoon, metalheads. How’re those hangovers treating you? Well, have we ever got a fix for you in today’s Sunday Side-Splitter. If any of you happened to catch our previous, short-lived podcast series, The Bracket, you’ll know that we’re no fans of Queensrÿche vocalist Geoff Tate. Why’s that, you might ask? Well, a pretty significant part of it would be the six-minute-long self-touch session that he filmed and tried to market as an EPK. Check it out below:

Anyone who makes it through the full six minutes of this video should receive some sort of special award. (SPOILER ALERT: I haven’t) I mean, where does one even begin with this thing? Here are a few quick notes I jotted down, which don’t even begin to cover all of the issues I have with this thing, but should give you an idea of the kind of dreck we’re dealing with here:

  • “My passion for living borders on extreme” Yeah, and then you IMMEDIATELY cut to a clip of you taking a sax solo. Nothing says extreme like your best Kenny G imitation.
  • Giving thumbs down to a 25-mph speed limit sign. GOD GEOFF, SO EXTREME. SUCH BADASS. YOU’RE TOTALLY NOT LAME AT ALL.
  • “I love wine. I have my own brand–it’s called Insania. We have a red and a white.” Jesus christ, Geoff, let’s count this off: you love wine, yet can only identify your own brand by the vague descriptions “red and white?” And you called it INSANIA? If I pause the video here, I think I can actually hear you whispering “please like me, please like me, please like me” to yourself.
  • “I’m a family man.” Definitely a note you want to include in any desperate effort to seem like a badass. DAD-METAL!
  • “Wait, watch this…” (Jump to 2:37) For the love of god, Geoff, just stop it already.
  • All the eyeliner – Geoff. You are 55 years old. You are not an emo kid. Grow the hell up.

There’s a lot more to it, as you’ll see if you make it through this whole thing. I wish you all the best of luck in that venture. Good luck with the hangovers, and enjoy the bacon and eggs!


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

Quickies: May 22, 2014

FINALLY. It’s the end of the day on Thursday, May 22nd, meaning that–as you may somehow have avoiding seeing in the other, oh…EVERY SINGLE POST this week in which we mentioned this–it’s time for Horns Up’s annual pilgrimage to Maryland DeathFest! It should be quite a fun weekend. So much fun, in fact, that we probably won’t be able to give you a Quickies tomorrow. Or a Dump on Saturday. Which is fine because we’re not doing a proper episode this week, but rather a series of mini-episodes previewing and recapping the weekend’s events. It’ll be quite metal.

That being said, consider this your final edition of Quickies for this week, and of course, eagerly await our return on Tuesday. Because, duh. Anyway, here’s what we missed today:

Die, Geoff. Just die.

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.