CANTO: Unlocking the Truth get hacked, Abbath plays Tuska, and more

unlocking the truth

Long day here and a long night ahead, so let’s not waste any time. Here’s what we missed today:

  • The kids in Unlocking the Truth appear to be victims of an unfortunate Facebook hack. (Cue my mother saying “SEE? THIS IS WHAT CAN HAPPEN WHEN YOU SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON THE INTERNET!)
  • Just a few months after the unceremonious end of his former band Immortal, Abbath performed at Tuska Open Air with his new, eponymous band this past weekend. We’ll see what comes of this.
  • Phil Anselmo offered some less-than-coherent thoughts on the Confederate flag debate during an interview with The Metal Den. Right, because if there’s anyone I want to have weigh in on this, it’s Phil.
  • Oh dear lord, Geoff Tate‘s doing things again. I don’t know what’s funniest about all this: the fact that he’s calling his band Operation: Mindcrime, the stupid hairdo he’s rocking in that promo photo, or the stupid fleur-de-lis USB stick on the album cover. Just hang it up, Geoff. Please.
  • And finally, Myrkur released a new video for their song, “Onde Børn.” Check it out here:

This is all the pretty. I’m all about this. Anyway, that’ll wrap things up for now. Check back tomorrow for the usual!

Keep it heavy,

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