The Nine Circles ov…Cradle of Filth

I first discovered Cradle of Filth via the temporary resurrection of Headbanger’s Ball in 2003, when their video for “Mannequin” was in heavy rotation. This catchy yet creepy song stuck with me and helped me remember the band when I started getting more into black metal the following year, picking up the Lovecraft and Witch Hearts compilation and getting thoroughly hooked. “But they’re not really black metal, what are you talking about?!” Ah yes, I understood early on how controversial the band was within black metal circles. They, along with Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon, had achieved some crossover mainstream success in the mid-2000s. And thus this leads us into my Nine Circles ov…Cradle of Filth. Continue reading

Profile: Gothic Powerhouse Beyond Visions

Beyond Visions
Beyond Visions

Last October, Sweden’s Beyond Visions released their melodically gothic epic Catch 22 which is equal parts melodic metal and power metal but with one hell of a singer. Rebecka Heijel’s range is awe inspiring but with the backing of her bandmates this really is the total power package. The band lists influences as wide ranging as Opeth, Metallica, Slipknot and Dream Theater and with one cursory listen to Catch 22 all of these influences come through in grandiose style but with a powerful prose. We had the opportunity to ask the band our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what they had to say and SUPPORT!

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Exclusive Stream: Sun of the Sleepless – “Forest Crown”

SOTS - ToTheElements_2000x2000

Happy Wednesday to you all! Today we are pleased to bring you a brand new track from the dark ambient project known as Sun of the Sleepless. The one-man German project is set to release To The Elements on July 21st and with just over a month to go before this album drops, one of the album’s more entrancing moments is available for streaming just after the jump. “Forest Crown” is a quick-hitter worth getting lost in so I encourage you to give it a listen below. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Katatonia’s “Brave Murder Day” turns 20


Katatonia seems to be a theme this year. Dropping not only one of the best albums of 2016, but one of the best albums in their own extensive catalog, will certainly justify that situation. We’ve covered some of the more recent work from the Swedish gothic/progressive death metallers both here and on the podcast (Dead End Kings, Viva Emptiness, etc.). But when you look at how much ground their music has traversed over their 25 or so year career, it’s interesting to look back at their foundation. 2016 marks the 20th year since Brave Murder Day was released. Despite this album stark differences in the sound at Katatonia have mastered recently, it is still rightfully considered one of the more important death metal albums of all time.  Continue reading

Vision ov Hell: Lacuna Coil – “Delirium”


We’ve been doing this Horns Up/Nine Circles thing for more than a couple of years now… but I don’t think we’ve covered Lacuna Coil more than once or twice. It makes sense, their music really just isn’t that interesting. At least to us (me). But the Italians have had quite a successful career over the years. I remember when I saw them at some Ozzfest or another right before Karmacode dropped and being relatively impressed for a kid that probably wasn’t quite old enough to drive yet. So I’ve been casually aware of them for some time now. But I digress. Their latest album, Delirium, dropped on May 27 of this year. With it, they released a rather creepy video for the title track that I was just curious enough to check out.  Continue reading