Album Review: Angellore — “Rien Ne Devait Mourir”

Finally re-emerging from the shadows after four years of silence and hard work in the studio, Angellore is releasing their third full-length album.  Rien Ne Devait Mourir perfectly presents the French band’s unique metal infused blend of gothic, doom, post-rock, and folk.  Angellore’s signature sound paints scenes of venturing around old world France, floating through historic graveyards, and wandering down cobblestone paths into sacred natural spaces.

The album opens with choral chants that lead to piano, then oboe, then ominous synths and guitar—all within the first two minutes.  The instrumental and vocal variety in the album is impressive and vast, to say the least.  Lucia’s crystal clear, clean, angelic vocals along with Walran and Rosarius’s clean and harsh vocals create a captivating story.  The almost 20-minute-long opening track exhibits each instrument and sound, moving in soft dreamy waves, and shows off the talents of the band while offering a flawless introduction to the album.  The five remaining dreamy tracks offer equally robust arrangements further showcasing the musicians’ abilities. 

Rien Ne Devait Mourir is a truly unique album that feels just right for the wintery and tragically romantic landscape of its Valentine’s Day release date.  The heavy gothic metal moments in the album conjure up images of black roses while the equally heavy doom melodies are filled with a sweet sorrow.



Angellore formed in 2007 and since their start, the band has attracted listeners of all subgenres of metal while releasing intriguing albums, EPs, and demos.  Rien Ne Devait Mourir highlights the band’s range and array of talents in a beautiful, diverse album.  With any luck Angellore will not return to the shadows for another four years before their next release.  Afterall, “rien ne devait mourir” means “nothing should die” in French, and I hope that the band’s discography continues to grow and thrive.


Rien Ne Devait Mourir is available now on Finesterian Dead End.  For more information on Angellore visit their official Facebook page.

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