Album Review: Astronoid — “Radiant Bloom”

astronomic - radiant bloom

Sometimes it’s all about refinement. You take a thing, you make something of it and the people take a look and say, “yeah, that’s it!” But you know it’s not, and if you can just whittle a little more away from the body you know you’ll see it. You try again, and some folks look and say “Eh, that’s not what I thought it was going to be.” Still others come by and exclaim “yeah, that’s IT!” But you know there’s more to pare away. Astronoid have been at this sonic whittling session since 2012, and on their third full length Radiant Bloom the quartet have further sliced away more of the abrasive, metallic bits. What is left is still recognizable as Astronoid (it really couldn’t be anything else), but honed to a point where I think the band can sit back and marvel at the sonic sculpture they’ve exposed, even if it’s only until a further turn unearths another form the band wishes to explore.

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Rainbows in the Dark: Marius Leirånes — “Langtidsperspektiv”

Hey, wasn’t I just saying that I’m really interested in how countries and landscapes shape the people who live in them and, thus, the music that is created there?  While Norway might not be a new country for me to check off my list, I always find it interesting that there is something intangible that ties all genres of music from a particular place to that place, whether it’s death metal or jazz or electronic music or whatever you like.  In the case of Marius Leirånes, that place is a very specific one, and the stories told on Langtidsperspektiv are the stories of what has shaped him to this day and how that home has played a part in it all.

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Rainbows in the Dark: postcards from new zealand — “we watched them devour, vol. 3: city islands”

I haven’t spoken much about it in this column, but 2021 has kind of been the year of post-rock for me, at least behind the scenes.  Spoiler alert, no less than three of my favorite non-metal albums this year have been post-rock albums and I see no signs of slowing that pace down for the second half of the year.  I’ve always had a love for the swirling, haunting and highly textural genre, and one of the relatively unrecognized titans of the scene has been postcards from new zealand, who, with their newest full-length, we watched them devour, vol. 3: city islands, have been cranking out a torrent of great releases to further the genre.

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Receiving the Evcharist: MONO and Pelagic Coffee’s The Great Dying

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Welcome back, friends!  Today we have something special going on in the way of a two-for from Pelagic Records.  As you already know, Receiving the Evcharist is our weekly feature where we pair choice albums with our favorite libations.  Drink from the cup of heresy.  This week’s offerings: MONO’s Beyond the Past: Live in London with the Platinum Anniversary Orchestra and Pelagic Coffee’s The Great Dying.

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