The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Tribulation was January 2021’s Album of the Month!

Episode 64 of The Nine Circles Audio Thing kicks off 2021 with a bang, as the gang waxes poetic about the latest from Swedish prog/goth/death rock/kitchen sink outfit Tribulation, whose new album Where the Gloom Becomes Sound has folks in a tizzy. Buke again assumes the captains chair and leads the chase with the usual suspects, and introduces newest member of the 9C gang Didrik to the insanity.

You know how this works…team members take turns picking the AOTM, and this month has the combined love of Ian and Angela, who also co-wrote the review.  However, all is not in balance in the House of 9C, as Didrik and Hera have a very different take on the band and album.  Will the team survive this controversy?  What side of the coin will Vince land on?  How many tangents does Buke bring the crew to over the course of 90 minutes that was originally over 2 hours?  

All this and more as we dive head first into our first AOTM for 2021!  So jump in and get an earful!

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In the meantime, keep it heavy…keep it safe…and we’ll see you next time!

Where the Gloom Becomes Sound is available now via Metal Blade (US) and Century Media (rest of the world). For more information on Tribulation check out their website and Facebook page.

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