Initial Descent: February 19, 2016

cirith gorgor band

It’s Friday! Anyone else a little underwhelmed by this week’s new release lineup? Seriously, I think I’m “whelmed” at best by it. Oh well, at the very least we’ve got a new album from Cirith Gorgor, who I can’t promise I’ll listen to, but whose appearance make me laugh pretty mightily. (See above) So if nothing else, there’s a silver lining for y’all. Anyway, here’s what’s on tap for Friday, February 19:
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Album Review: Cirith Gorgor – “Visions Of Exhalted Lucifer”


Cirith Gorgor has, frankly put, been around for awhile. In fact, under their current name (they were know as Dark Sorceress for their first three years), 2016 will mark their 20th year active. Since forming in 1996 in the Netherlands, Cirith Gorgor has brought us some of the most consistent black metal, in terms of overall quality, in the genre. Five prior full-length albums have all been met with high praise regardless of where you look. And now, with their latest effort, Visions Of Exalted Lucifer, they have proven once again that they can deliver some of black metal’s best. Continue reading