The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 40


The guys discuss Kylesa‘s recently announced hiatus and gush over Wolves in the Throne Room‘s fall tour plans, then Dan RAVES about last Friday’s Night Demon Against the GrainVisigoth show at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus. Plus, new albums from Schammasch and Fallujah!

All that and much, much more in Episode 40, so check it out!

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CANTO: Sabaton, Kylesa, Pentagram, and Death Angel


“Strengthened by rejection, survival redefining scum. Depreciate judgment, unlike complete isolation.”

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

Album Review: Black Tusk – “Pillars of Ash”


As someone who tends to be rather OCD about music, it almost makes me cringe to admit the following: prior to experiencing Pillars of Ash, I’d never listened to Black Tusk. Now don’t get me wrong… I’d definitely heard of them before. I’m a big fan of Baroness and Kylesa and, thanks to the strength of the Savannah metal scene, it’s almost impossible to not hear them and Black Tusk all mentioned within the same breath. I don’t know if it feels that way within their collective hometown, but from the outside looking in, it’s almost like these three form some sort of unholy trinity of heavy music for that area.

And thus I’m kicking myself for never checking these guys out. Make no mistake: their particular brand of metal, with some punk aesthetics and flourishes worked in, is absolutely killer. Continue reading

Best of 2015: Matt Fitton’s List

Best 2015

2015 was a weird one for me. I’m still very new around these parts, but some of you may know me already. I had a very transitional first half of the year where I lost a long term job, I left my native homeland and I moved to pastures new for what turned out to be a buttload more opportunity in both my work life and my social life. Nottingham played host to some truly killer shows this year! But throughout the ups and downs the almighty riffs of years past kept me all warm and tingly inside, and as a consequence of upheaval it wasn’t until the second half of this year that I really began to experience new material. Some of the following gems landed quite late on in the past twelve months, but don’t let anybody ever tell you that this year was a slow one for the good stuff. 2015 was indeed “rad times” in musically heavy terms, so here’s my favorite nine releases of the year…

beavis rad times Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Kylesa – “Lost and Confused

kylesa band photo

Savannah based proprietors of heavy music, Kylesa are admittedly exploring new terrain on their new album Exhausting Fire. The band has added goth, new wave and psychadelia into their generally heavy, forward surging sound. To support that album the band has embarked on a lengthy tour snaking through the lower United States like a prospector in search of that elusive fist-sized rock of gold. In another move, the band got together with Skip Terstra to put together an unsettling and jilted video for their single, “Lost and Confused.” Continue reading