Nine Circles ov…Bandcamp Ketchup

Nine Circles ov bandcamp ketchup

Ketchup, catsup, catch-up…it’s all the same here at Nine Circles: stuff is constantly falling through the cracks.  And while we’ll have our annual quarterly round-up from the crew coming shortly, I’ve got enough albums I’ve been digging over the last few months that devoting a Nine Circles ov… column felt natural.  All of the selections below came from my own interest in the band – this isn’t a list of the releases we receive as promos I haven’t had time to review (that list would be immense and frightnening).

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Initial Descent: March 4, 2016

Inverloch band photo

Another Friday is here — a little lighter than last week’s, to be sure, but some definite highlights all the same. We’ve got Inverloch, we’ve got Wolvserpent, we’ve got a new split from Primitive Man and Northless…you name it. Plenty to satiate yourselves with. So forget about what I’m writing here and get yourselves started. Here’s what’s on tap for Friday, March 4:
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Sepulchral Saturday: Mesarthim – “Isolate”


At this point in my listening career, for a black metal album to resonate with me, it needs to show some ambition, some creativity. For a genre that so readily sets itself up for this kind of exploration, too many bands stick to a common formula. Frankly, I listen to a lot of black metal, so I am bored more often than I am impressed. Fortunately, bands like Mesarthim also exist; bands that show a willingness to put their own spin on a genre. And with their debut album, Isolate, Mesarthim have certainly managed to capture my attention in incredibly efficient fashion.  Continue reading