The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Highlights from the first half of 2018!

Time for another audio thing! In this edition, the group gets together to discuss some of their favorite albums from the first half of the year. (Yes, we’re aware it’s halfway through July. Promptness, thy name is NOT Nine Circles.)

In any case…Dan, Corey, Chris, Hera and Vince got together for a Google Hangout a little while back to run through these. In *some* cases, you’ll hear about stuff we’ve already covered on the blog (Ulvesang, Judas Priest, etc.) but most of these haven’t been touched on in writing yet. It’s well past time we gave them their due.

Plus, Chris and Corey dropped, like, 25 different sarcastic references to In Flames’ Battles, because reasons. But yeah…that happened, too, I guess? It was…well, it was definitely words, I can tell you that much. Anyway, there’s loads more here to unpack, so jump on in and take a listen!

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Keep it heavy,

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