The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 98 (9.28.2019)

playlist - mixtape

Welcome one, welcome all to another Saturday morning, and another edition of our weekly mixtape, made just for you.  This week we’ve got new jams from Caïna (YES), Alcest (FUCK YES), Josh brings a slew of good death metal to the table, and I finally listened to The Cowboy Album ™ and found it…pretty good honestly.  Get your weekend started at the play button below.

– Vincent

Album Review: Necrosic – “Putrid Decimation” (EP)


Erik Cutler has spent a lifetime shaping the American death metal scene. Since 1987 he’s been the principal member of Oakland, California’s gore legends Autopsy. Now, at the ripe old age of forty-seven he’s got an entirely new lease on metal with his new project Necrosic. Leaning more towards the filthy, greasy and grimy side of death metal rather than that gory side, Necrosic sounds more in line with today’s death metal landscape. The band is not only cohesively powerful but Putrid Decimation reveals yet another solid death metal act from southern California (and yet another solid edition to 2016). Continue reading

Initial Descent: April 15, 2016

Phew. We’ve had a few big weeks in a row, so I’m not gonna lie…it’s kinda nice to have a bit of a slower one this week. And also, I’m off work today, so I can actually catch up on some of this stuff! Anyway, “slower” doesn’t mean “slow,” though. There’s still a bunch of cool stuff dropping: from Swedish hardcore legends Victims (whom our own Manny-O-War just interviewed), to the debut full-length from Chicago death crew Nucleus. As you can see, this week’s no slouch — so let’s not waste any more time talking about it. Here’s what’s on tap for Friday, April 15:
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