CANTO: Killswitch Engage, Batushka, Intercepting Pattern, and More


  • Killswitch Engage is giving As Daylight Dies the vinyl treatment for the first time. You can pre-order your copy here. I’m going to pass on this one, but throw some Alive or Just Breathing my way and I will definitely catch it.
  • The Metal Blade version of Batushka (Bart-ushka) dropped a new single yesterday titled “ИРМОС II / IRMOS II”, and is available for streaming over at Bandcamp. It rips, but I still prefer the other Batushka. Yes, this is all still very confusing.
  • Grind legends Rotten Sound have announced a live show, that will also be streamed, on July 25th in Vaasa, Finland. Honestly, seems like a fair way to go. Attend in person if you’re cool with that, or stream it if you’re still hesitant.
  • Finally, this debut from German progressive metal outfit Intercepting Pattern for “Rebiogenesis”. The Encounter will be out on September 4th through Rising Nemesis Records.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Initial Descent: March 25, 2016

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God-DAMN, what a new release Friday we’ve got today. Even if all we had dropping today was the new Cobalt, it’d still have been a hell of a day. In case it wasn’t clear, that’s your reminder to pick up the band’s long-awaited third album, Slow Forever. It’s an absolute triumph, and a surefire album-of-the-year contender. (Yes, it’s March. Not comfortable dropping “AOTY” bombs this early? Let’s give it a more timely nickname: how about “No. 1 Overall Seed”? #Madness)

But in fact, Cobalt’s not the only thing dropping today. Not by a long shot. We’ve also got Krighsu, the new record from Spanish brutal/tech deathsters Wormed (WORMED), and new stuff from Rotten Sound and…sigh…Amon Amarth, among others. Like I said, it’s a big day. So let’s not waste any more time; here’s what’s on tap for Friday, March 25:
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Album Review: Bastard Grave – “What Lies Beyond”


Somewhere between the buzzsaw guitar grind of vintage Entombed and the murk of the modern American underground’s best up-and-comers like Baptists and Call of The Void, you’ll find Sweden’s Bastard Grave. The group’s new full-length, Pulverised Records’ What Lies Beyond, is a dripping mud pit of frantic riffs and horror aesthetic that sounds just as much at home on a playlist with old school death metal as with the latest blackened thrash. According to Bastard Grave’s press release, prior to What Lies Beyond, the band only had one demo to their name, which makes the debut effort all the more impressive. Sitting down to spin this album and knowing that this was the band’s first full-length, I expected a more scattered affair. Pleasantly surprised to find out how wrong I was; What Lies Beyond features an array of songs uniting under the clarity of one solid vision. Continue reading