Nine Circles ov… Corrosion of Conformity

Corrosion of Conformity

Pretty sure by now everyone is aware of COC’s powerhouse drummer Reed Mullin’s passing. And if not, how about crawling out from under that rock of unknowing. Yep well, I’m a bit sour and out of sorts over this one so pardon me for being candid or loose lipped. See, COC has been a bedrock of my listening habits for many, many years and anytime I had a chance to see them they were like old friends and Reed was always the highlight. Always the brother from another mother. Always the pillar. Anyway, in reflection, I decided the best way to deal would be to put together a 9C ov recounting my favorite COC tracks with Reed on the kit or in the vocals so journey with me through a time capsule of my life and know that COC and of course Reed shared more life events with me over the years than most people have. Music is huge for me but COC is much bigger than just music, hell, they’re the soundtrack that has kept me going. Fly high Reed, love ya brother. Continue reading

Profile: Brandon Howard of I Am the Law

I Am the Law

Anyone fancying a southern metal fix more in the vein of latter day Pantera meets Maylene and the Sons of Disaster than Weedeater and Eyehategod would do well to check out Tennessee’s I Am the Law. The band released their sophomore EP Hymn of the Vulture digitally back in February but are set to release it on CD format this week through Junecrow Media so if you missed out the first time, now’s your chance if the physical format is something held dear. This EP is five tracks of groove and shred that pulls from a bevy of influences but is at all times an aggressive kick to the jaw. We recently had a Profile chat with vocalist / guitarist Brandon Howard to get a behind the scenes look at the band so head below to see what he had to say. Continue reading

Album Review: Hollow Leg – “Crown”

Hollow Leg - Crown

On Hollow Leg‘s third full length Crown, the band’s steady diet of sludge and stoner fueled southern metal sees yet another go around. But the upfront aggression heard on their previous works has been dialed back to allow room for a blues based sound. Most of these songs find a slow to mid paced speed and unerringly stick to it. Not a bad thing at all in this case as this four piece knows how to write some molasses thick riffs and catchy tunes. Compared to their last two, if anything, this is the sound of a band hitting a comfortable and assured level of maturity. Continue reading

Album Review: Bedowyn – “Blood Of the Fall”

Bedowyn - Blood Of the Fall

Southern influenced metal is what Bedowyn have to offer on their full length debut Blood Of the Fall. The band’s home state of North Carolina has seen multitudes of bands spanning all genres come out if its ranks but this four piece stick, very stubbornly, to a certain subset of influences. Stubbornly is the word of choice here because at times these influences take over almost verbatim and the band’s fleeting glimpses of originality takes a backseat. Unfortunately this has a negative impact on longevity but it’s still a fun ride in the interim. Continue reading

Album Review: Buffalo Theory MTL – “Skeptic Knight” (EP)

BTMTL-Skeptic-Knight- webWhen it comes to Canadian metal, three things come to mind: Voivod, Blasphemy, and Woods of Ypres. There are others in there, of course, but in terms of major exports of the heavy variety, those three bands are common knowledge. But stoner metal? Not so much. Leave it to Buffalo Theory MTL to be the region’s purveyors of NOLA-influenced, blues-indebted heaviness. They’ve been at it since 2010, and their newest EP Skeptic Knight changes little about their quirky, swaggering brand of stoner rock. It’s dumb fun at its core, and like anything else that is boneheaded and self-aware, doesn’t leave much of an impression beyond a few listens.  Continue reading