CANTO: Hexvessel, Induction, Sirenia, and More

My favorite Thursday night sentence: Last canto of the week! (Just kidding… or am I?)

  • Hexvessel are returning with their sixth album on September 22, titled Polar Veil, which will be out through Svart Records. Check out this clip for “Older Than The Gods” right here.
  • Symphonic power metal crew Induction shared a new track, “A Call Beyond”, the visualizer for which can be seen here. That comes about six months after the release of their sophomore album, Born From Fire, which is available through Atomic Fire.
  • I’ve seen some hype surrounding Divide and Dissolve, so let’s go there next. Systemic is out on June 30 through Invada Records, and a clip for the new track, “Indignation”, can be found here.
  • Tenhi released a lyric video for “Elokuun linnut”, a track from the upcoming Valkama. That new album is slated for a June 9 release through Prophecy Productions.
  • And we’ll close with some more symphonic stuff, because why not? Sirenia is dropping 1977 tomorrow, so here’s the performance video for the third single from that, “Wintry Heart”. That album is out through Napalm Records.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Album Review: Sleep of Monsters — “ΓΓΓ”

Everyone knows the origin of Batman. Bruce orphaned as a boy by a random criminal, dedicates his life to fighting the scourge of crime. He travels the world and trains himself in a number of skills to meet this goal. One night, as he thinks of ways to disguise himself and strike fear into the hearts of criminals, in flies a bat into his study. He declares “I shall become a bat!” Thus, Batman is born. Listening to ΓΓΓ, the latest from Sleep of Monsters, one can imagine mastermind Sami Hassinen has a similar origin. As a young boy in Finland, he dedicates himself to forming a band. By the time he can form one, he sleeps night after night restlessly dreaming of himself as a monster. One night a random copy of Bauhaus’ In The Flat Field flies through his window and wakes him up. He then stands up and declares “I will create a gothic, occult rock band called Sleep of Monsters! Also, we’ll have a lead singer with a deliciously rich baritone!” 

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Album Review: Netherlands — “Severance”

In college, a friend of mine had a radio show called “Indie, Electronics, and The Issues.” He would play indie rock and electronica, then talk about “the issues.” Side note; the show eventually turned into my friend just playing whale songs and self help books. Anyways, Severance, the latest from Netherlands, could alternately be titled “Metal, Industrial, and The Issues.” It’s a mix of sludgy and industrial sounds with lyrical content dealing with a variety of current issues; animal rights, toxic masculinity, etc. Yet despite Netherlands leader Timo Ellis’ best efforts, Severance never reaches the lofty goals it sets out to achieve.

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Donuts & CANTO: Mélancolia, Dawn of Ouroboros, Messa, and More

Once again, beer got in the way of clearing the inbox on a Friday night. So Saturday morning it is!

  • Let’s start off with some blackened deathcore. Mélancolia announced their debut album, HissThroughRottenTeeth, which is scheduled for an April 21 release through Greyscale Records and Nuclear Blast Records. Give “[Inure]” a listen here.
  • Next, we’ll jump over to Killing Joke. They released a brand new single, “Full Spectrum Dominance”, which comes in celebration of their sold out headlining show at Royal Albert Hall on March 12. That’s available through Spinefarm, and can be heard here.
  • Italian doom metal collective Messa are releasing their 2022 Roadburn performance, Messa – Live at Roadburn, on April 28 through Svart Records. Pre-order that on your preferred format here.
  • Holy shit, it’s Winger! To celebrate 35 years, they’re releasing Seven on May 5. Their first new release since 2014 can be pre-ordered here, and be sure to check out “Proud Desperado” while you’re at it.
  • We’ll wrap up with the latest from Dawn of Ouroboros, “Velvet Moon”, the video of which can be found below. That’s taken from Velvet Incandescence, out on April 21 through Prosthetic Records.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Rainbows in the Dark: Teksti-TV 666 — “Vapauden tasavalta”

When describing a genre of music like Krautrock, exuberant is not a word that usually comes to mind. It doesn’t lack energy, but that energy more often is of a focused, precise variety. This music tends to function with the precision of German engineering. The music has an exploratory or experimental spirit but that spirit operates with focused energy. No matter how free form the music can sound, there’s a precision to everything being played. That spirit of experimentation and precision exists in the Krautrock influenced music of Finland’s Teksti-TV 666. Their latest album Vapauden tasavalta has the droning guitars and motorik rhythms one expects. Surprisingly, though this is exuberant, joyful music. One might describe these songs as rambunctious even. Imagine if The Stooges and Neu! got together to make an album and you might get Vapauden tasavalta. Teksti-TV 666 have no qualms fusing traditional rock sensibilities with adventurous musical ideas.

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