Initial Descent: June 3, 2016

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Somehow, it’s June already. Where the hell’s this year gone? Honestly, I’m all for this; the sooner 2016’s over and done with, the better, in my book.

But anyway, interesting week this week. We’ve got a couple of big-ish name releases — an EP from Candlemass, albums from Dark Funeral and Cough, etc. — but then we’ve also got some others from some absolutely HILARIOUSLY named bands. Like? Oh, I don’t know…a new demo from a band called Anal Depression, (yes) one from Clitorodectomía, (also, yes) you name it. Apparently you can never run out of try-too-hardiness in metal. Anyway, enough of that — here’s what’s on tap for this week:
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The Nine Circles ov… Maryland Deathfest XII (2014)


Ahhhh it is finally mid-May. Which means the annual countdown to Maryland Deathfest is well in place. Of course, the reason MDF has become an annual tradition is because of all the incredible memories from past experiences. And what better way is there to reflect on some of the better moments from America’s premier death metal festival than with this particular piece of content? Let’s start by revisiting the highlights of MDF 2014…

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Sepulchral Saturday: Stone Magnum – “Holy Blessings to None”

stonemagnum_holyblessingstononeIf there’s one thing that the revival in “retro doom” has done – just like any revival in a style – it has clearly separated the sheep from the goats. Since the uptick in the number of doom bands has started since the 2000s, it has become frighteningly easy to pick out the tired Electric Wizard and Windhand clones from the bands that are putting out the goods. Indiana-based quintet Stone Magnum, for as little fanfare as they’ve received, has been a consistently excellent band who continues to refine their cocktail of epic doom metal and NWOBHM on their latest full-length, Holy Blessings to NoneContinue reading

Album Review: Crypt Sermon – “Out of the Garden”


When I hear an album like Out of the Garden, I sometimes wonder why metal bands are often so intent on putting out releases that sound like they could have come out twenty or thirty years ago. We really do prize the traditionalists—the ones who can take the same combination of riffs, solos, and soaring vocals and turn out something familiar. On this, their debut full-length, Philadelphia’s Crypt Sermon seem to answer that question by simply saying: “why not?” Of course, there isn’t anything on this album that hasn’t been done somewhere before, but it’s still an enjoyable one to listen to.

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Subgenre of the Week: MDF 2014

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. We have successfully returned from our pilgrimage to Maryland Deathfest 2014… and only slightly worse for the wear.

In honor of recent experiences, we won’t be following the traditional Subgenre of the Week format for this week. Instead, we will be providing you a playlist featuring artists we found to be memorable from this past weekend. This should hopefully scratch the surface of some of the bands we sat through (and we won’t subject you to any of the music we made the conscious decision not to sit through). Anyway, here is a taste of Friday and Sunday from the Edison Lot of Maryland Deathfest 2014:


Anyway, enjoy this short playlist… even if it is only the tip the iceberg that was the awesomeness of MDF 2014. We will fall back into our normal Subgenre of the Week routine starting next week. Feel free to share your highlights and moments from this past weekend (a.k.a. make us feel bad for everything we missed) in the comments section below.

– Corey

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.