Monday Merriment: Steel Panther’s Doritos Super Bowl Ad

steel panther

So aside from the final 20-odd seconds, I didn’t watch any of the Super Bowl last night. I know…how un-‘MERICAN of me. But here’s the thing: it’s actually kinda fun not giving a single fuck about the concussion-inducing, domestic-violence-allowing, billionaire-owner-fellating (I could go on) cesspool that is the NFL! Instead, I got to spend my day at the movies! And then go out to a nice dinner! I think I’m gonna try this again for all of next season—I like the idea of having free Sundays all fall long.

Anyway, somewhat-related, here’s a Super Bowl ad that’s got Steel Panther in it. If you know me, you’ll know that’s enough to get my attention. Give it a look:

The ad was an entry in Doritos’ annual “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. Without having watched the game yesterday, I have no idea if the following Doritos ad actually aired. (I’m assuming it didn’t, because we can’t ever have nice things, but who knows?) But even if it didn’t, the band’s always got Discover’s “Danger Kitty” ad to look back on.

Anyway, that’ll do it for this week. Check back later on for some album reviews and more!

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Monday Merriment: SNOW GIFS. That is all.

snow gifs intro

So yeah, looks like we may be getting some snow here in the northeast over the next couple of days. While I personally have my doubts over how much we’ll actually get here in NYC—chalk it up to the hardened, jaded personality I developed with regard to snow after four years in Syracuse—a lot of people are losing their collective shit and treating this as a human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria-type of event. Which you may have seen some evidence of yesterday on our Instagram account.

Regardless, with the first real taste of winter seemingly imminent, I’ve decided to celebrate by making a nice round of Photoshopped GIFs for y’all. Each one’s taken from a movie that involves snow, and each one’s had a touch of black metal added into the mix. Because, you know…gr1m and fr0stb1tt3n, and all that. Anyway, click on through and let the fun begin!

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Monday Merriment: Brent Hinds, Guitar Hero

Image courtesy of D'Addario Strings
Image courtesy of D’Addario Strings

Morning, all! Welcome to a new week and another edition of Monday Merriment. For this week’s installment, let’s look back at video footage of a guest performance Mastodon guitarist/manimal extraordinaire Brent Hinds did with the Austin School of Rock some years back. Check it out after the jump: Continue reading

Monday Merriment: A Little Spontaneous Combustion, Anyone?


Welcome back, everyone. As you can see, I’ve titled this post “A Little Spontaneous Combustion, Anyone?” because it’s my first work day of 2015 and I feel like having a lot of spontaneous combustion, anyone. I won’t get into specifics or point fingers here, but let’s just say the stupidity has achieved positively suffocating levels today.

As such, not a ton of time for Merriment just now (this may change when I get home tonight and pour myself a nice bourbon), so I’m keeping this post brief. Here’s a quick video I enjoyed from three guys you might know: Rob Reiner, Christopher Guest and Michael McKean:

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Monday Merriment: Metal in Inappropriate Places


Bleh, Monday. And not just any Monday, but the first Monday back at work after a week off for the holidays. The struggle couldn’t be much realer if it tried right now. Fortunately, we’ve found a little Merriment to ease that headache. Check out this week’s edition—the YouTube video “Metal in Inappropriate Places”—after the jump:

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