Monday Merriment: Devin Townsend’s “Meatball”

So remember that part about how Devin Townsend is my favorite human? Of course you do. Well this week’s edition of Monday Merriment should help explain why. We’re going to revisit an old video that our lord and savior put together back when his YouTube channel (not just its URL!) was still called “PoopyNuggeteer.” The video in question? The legendary “Meatball.” You’ll be hard pressed not to die laughing:

Now unfortunately, the video’s been taken down from Devin’s official YouTube channel, but thankfully–the Internet being as resourceful as it is–some good soul named kurtleplae has re-graced us with its presence. I’m not sure of the exact timing of this thing’s original release, what with the original video and its time-stamp having been deleted and all, but if I remember correctly, I believe it was right around the time of the similarly ridiculous “Telescopes are Gay,” so around 5-6 years ago? Definitely peak “weird Devin” days, which are always nice to track back to every now and again.

There’s just something so terrifying about an otherwise innocuous stunt like “taping googly eyes to your chin and filming it” that Devin channels perfectly here. I legitimately had a nightmare about one of the “Meatball” characters at one point. And while he does continue to occasionally explore his quirky side–take the “Lucky Animals” video, for example–it’s been a while since we got anything as chaotically ridiculous as this. And bear in mind: this still came to us AFTER Devin had quit drugs and drinking, folks. The dude is otherworldly sometimes. Or all the time. Yeah, let’s go with “all the time” here.

Anyway, that’ll do it. Get merry, and check back later on for our Quickies!


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

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