The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Mo’ynoq was January 2019’s Album of the Month!

We’re back!

There was just too much going on toward the end of 2018, but the Nine Circles gang is 100% committed to bringing you the best in audio content this year…or least consistent audio this year: I don’t want to promise the farm one episode in!  But back we are with another edition of our Album of the Month series kicking things off with the full-length debut Dreaming in a Dead Language from North Carolina black metal outfit Mo’ynoq. Continue reading

The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 66 (02.09.2019)

playlist - mixtape

Good morning ladies, fellas, and the people that don’t give a fuck.  We’re going to keep this short and sweet today because once again I am behind on time, somehow.  Even though my work week got cut short (thank you massive server error), it only meant I had to spend my free time doing all the important errands I had been putting off.  But now there’s breakfast, coffee, my car doesn’t make quite as many weird sounds as it used to, and of course there’s good music to get me pumped on yet another rainy Southern California day.  Lets hope this gets your weekend off to a good start too.

– Vincent

Album Review: Mo’ynoq – “Dreaming in a Dead Language”

Mo'ynoq - Dreaming In a Dead Language

USBM feels like it’s in a good place musically right now.  Depending on what your appetite is, you can trawl pretty much any region of the United States and find a unique scene where geography, community, and culture roll into a diverse assortment of styles.  Moving just a bit south from the current scene in the Northeast, Mo’ynoq have constructed a blistering, raw collage of influences on their full length debut Dreaming in a Dead Language. Continue reading

Initial Descent: January 6 – 12, 2019


Listen, we are just now in the first full week of January and, obviously, some of you need to go back and listen to that last Sleep album, spark one up, and just chill. Seriously. I’ve seen more piss, venom, and vitriol in the past few days than I saw in the last half of 2018. Or not, choice is totally yours to make but we’ve only got like, the rest of the year to go and if this is any indication, it will be a long and discombobulated one. Whatever.

Since the need for burying the body and mind in metal is, again, at an all time high, we have this week’s list at the ready. GO…

NC’s Mo’ynoq are first to the new year punch with a really good black metal album that has nearly every facet of the genre you could think of and Dreaming In A Dead Language comes off beautifully because of it – their demo and EP were good but this is great. Archangel A.D. give plenty of reasons to pull the denim and high top Reeboks back out on their sophomore effort Warband, familiarity here is high but their mix of thrash and full speed heavy metal is tasty so if you missed out on the digital release, snatch up this week’s CD release. Lastly up top, if you were curious where avantgarde metal would start this year, India’s Orchid have the answer in the form of Miasma which is a maelstrom of knee-jerk structures with a heavy lean towards progressive metal.

Maybe the key to unlocking the ‘chill’ is lurking here somewhere… Continue reading

Profile: Labyrinthine Black Metallers Mo’ynoq


At the turn of a new year it always seems like there’s a great race to be the first with a stunning album and Raleigh, NC’s Mo’ynoq deliver on Dreaming In A Dead Language, whether they were aiming to or not. Black metal is at the forefront here, just like on their stellar Anguish and Atonement demo and Bardo EP. But, atmospheric, post-black metal, and melody all play their significant parts to make up this outstanding full length debut. I could go on for paragraphs about how “The Collector” blew my hat back or how fast the multifaceted and deep “Buried By Regret” magically appeared on my song of the year list but it’s better to just head below and read the band’s answers to our Profile questions while listening to the included embed. Again, stellar work here by Mo’ynoq and this is one you DO NOT want to miss. Continue reading