Initial Descent: January 6 – 12, 2019


Listen, we are just now in the first full week of January and, obviously, some of you need to go back and listen to that last Sleep album, spark one up, and just chill. Seriously. I’ve seen more piss, venom, and vitriol in the past few days than I saw in the last half of 2018. Or not, choice is totally yours to make but we’ve only got like, the rest of the year to go and if this is any indication, it will be a long and discombobulated one. Whatever.

Since the need for burying the body and mind in metal is, again, at an all time high, we have this week’s list at the ready. GO…

NC’s Mo’ynoq are first to the new year punch with a really good black metal album that has nearly every facet of the genre you could think of and Dreaming In A Dead Language comes off beautifully because of it – their demo and EP were good but this is great. Archangel A.D. give plenty of reasons to pull the denim and high top Reeboks back out on their sophomore effort Warband, familiarity here is high but their mix of thrash and full speed heavy metal is tasty so if you missed out on the digital release, snatch up this week’s CD release. Lastly up top, if you were curious where avantgarde metal would start this year, India’s Orchid have the answer in the form of Miasma which is a maelstrom of knee-jerk structures with a heavy lean towards progressive metal.

Maybe the key to unlocking the ‘chill’ is lurking here somewhere…

Mo'ynoq - Dreaming In a Dead Language

Mo’ynoq – Dreaming In a Dead Language (Independent) – black metal [profile]

archangel a.d. - warband

Archangel A.D. – Warband (Independent) – thrash

orchid - miasma

Orchid – Miasma (Independent) – avantgarde metal

Also on tap:

A Long Way to Fall – Faces (Rockaine Records) – metalcore

A Swarm of the Sun – The Woods (Version Studio Records) – post-rock

Althea – The Art of Trees (Independent) – progressive metal

Born of Osiris – The Simulation (Sumerian) – progressive metalcore

Deathchant – S/T (King Volume Records) – psychedelic metal
Jinjer – Micro, EP (Napalm Records) – prog metal

Komodor – S/T (Soulseller Records) – psych rock

Krishna Peri – Cyclotron, EP (Independent) – instrumental rock

La Morte Viene Dallo – Sky Over Giza, Vinyl Issue (Debemur Morti) – psych / space rock

Ornatorpet – Hymner från snökulla (Nordvis) – dungeon synth / ambient

Radar State – Strays (Wiretap Records) – indie rock

Soilwork – Verkligheten (Nuclear Blast) – melodic death metal

Static Tension – Ashes to Animation (Buried By Sky Records) – modern metal

Telephone Exchange – Maschinelles Lernen (Ongakubaka Records) – progressive rock

(The True) Veiled – In Blinding Presence (Into Endless Chaos) – black metal

This Means War – Heartstrings (Demons Run Amok) – punk / hardcore

Thunderbird Divine – Magnasonic (Salt of the Earth Records) – heavy psych rock

Tytus – Rain After Drought (Fighter Records) – heavy metal

Violblast – Theater of Despair (Hostile Media) – thrash

Wolfhorde – Hounds of Perdition (Inverse) – folk metal

– Josh

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