Majesties’ Matthew, Carl, and Tanner on their new album “Vast Reaches Unclaimed” and much more!


If anyone would‘ve hinted at Obsequiae and Inexorum combining forces in a new band, Majesties brand of 90s loving meloswedeath would not have been the first assumption. Yet, here we are on the eve of Vast Reaches Unclaimed and it’s an absolute beast of an album full of everything fans loved about that timeframe in melodic death metal. It’s almost as if these guys wrote the next chapter of the genre and the past twenty five years never happened. Buke recently sat down with Matthew Kirkwold (bass), Carl Skildum (guitars), and Tanner Anderson (guitars, vocals, drums) to get the lowdown on this new band and album, how it came to be, and so much more. We now bring you this conversation in its entirety so grab your beverage of choice, a seat, and enjoy.

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Album RAMBLE: In Flames — “Foregone”

We (the Top Brass, Benevolent Overlords, etc: Corey, Dan K, Chris, and Josh) had so much fun drunkenly rambling about Sky Void of Stars that we decided to do it again! This time around, we’re taking a first dive into Foregone, the highly anticipated new album from Swedish death metal legends In Flames. We are all very much aware and familiar with the In Flames discography and the opinions surrounding that timeline, as divisive as they are. So. Is the hype surrounding the new album justified? More importantly, are we collectively disappointed or excited about their fourteenth studio album? HOW WILL THIS IMPACT THE NINE CIRCLES IN FLAMES ALBUM RANKINGS THAT NOBODY HAS EVER SEEN? We ask the hard questions around here, and rarely answer them.

Need a reminder of how this works? Sure, you can have one. We pick an album off the promo pile by we’re interested in, we get drunk, and we share our first impressions. Cohesive reviews can be hard, and we don’t get paid for this shit. Deal with it. Let’s fucking go!

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Lik’s Niklas Sandin on new album “Misanthropic Breed,” Pandemic Effects, Swedish Death Metal, the Power of the HM2 Pedal, Jazz, and so much more!

Sweden’s Lik have just released their third full length Misanthropic Breed and stand to crush it in the Swedeath scene with a sound that is instantly recognizable yet inherently unique. It’s heavy as hell yet deep in the pocket with fellow countrymen of the same ilk.

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Album Review: Skelethal – Of the Depths…

Skelethal - Of the Depths...

Lately, there seems to be an ever-flowing stream of Swedish-sounding death metal — and we’re talking real death metal, not melodeath — that doesn’t actually come from Sweden. I have a particularly dark recollection of Arizona natives Gatecreeper wowing the hell out of me with last year’s Sonoran Deprivation, while Germany’s Revel in Flesh and Holland’s Bodyfarm have also done a nice job carrying listeners down a Stockholm-inspired left hand path in recent years.

The latest addition to this group is France’s Skelethal, who’ll likely send listeners tumbling into the grave with their debut full-length, Of the Depths. It’s an album plucked straight from the murky depths where no life dwells, and while it’s hardly charting any new musical courses, it’s still a solid listen and one of the more entertaining death metal releases of the year to date.  Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Grave – “You’ll Never See”

Grave_-_You'll_Never_See..When it comes to classic Swedish death metal (aka, the “Sunlight” sound), everyone talks about Entombed, Dismember and Carnage. And rightly so, these bands and their classic albums are foundational to the development of the death metal genre. But more people need to recognize Grave. Additionally, more people need to recognize 1992’s You’ll Never See as a classic death metal album. Continue reading