Lik’s Niklas Sandin on new album “Misanthropic Breed,” Pandemic Effects, Swedish Death Metal, the Power of the HM2 Pedal, Jazz, and so much more!

Sweden’s Lik have just released their third full length Misanthropic Breed and stand to crush it in the Swedeath scene with a sound that is instantly recognizable yet inherently unique. It’s heavy as hell yet deep in the pocket with fellow countrymen of the same ilk.

Just ahead of Misanthropic Breed‘s release, guitarist Niklas Sandin took some time to chat with Buke about their new album and the effects of this current pandemic on the band. They also spend some time on Swedish death metal in general, how the HM2 pedal has become such a signature in the Swedeath sound and their own sound, how much Nik enjoys jazz, the obvious Katatonia tie in, and so much more! This truly is an amazing conversation between two likeminded folks so jump in and enjoy!

LIK - Misanthropic Breed

Many thanks to Niklas for his time!

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– Buke

Misanthropic Breed is available now on Metal Blade Records. For more information on Lik, visit their Facebook page.

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