Album RAMBLE: In Flames — “Foregone”

We (the Top Brass, Benevolent Overlords, etc: Corey, Dan K, Chris, and Josh) had so much fun drunkenly rambling about Sky Void of Stars that we decided to do it again! This time around, we’re taking a first dive into Foregone, the highly anticipated new album from Swedish death metal legends In Flames. We are all very much aware and familiar with the In Flames discography and the opinions surrounding that timeline, as divisive as they are. So. Is the hype surrounding the new album justified? More importantly, are we collectively disappointed or excited about their fourteenth studio album? HOW WILL THIS IMPACT THE NINE CIRCLES IN FLAMES ALBUM RANKINGS THAT NOBODY HAS EVER SEEN? We ask the hard questions around here, and rarely answer them.

Need a reminder of how this works? Sure, you can have one. We pick an album off the promo pile by we’re interested in, we get drunk, and we share our first impressions. Cohesive reviews can be hard, and we don’t get paid for this shit. Deal with it. Let’s fucking go!


In which all four members of the team assemble in the chat room. Drinks are established. Corey refers to Chris as a bug. The In Flames discography is briefly, and incoherently, discussed.

Chris: ok, so preamble before the ramble: Where are we all with In Flames in general?

Corey: God = Dog, Chris = Bug

Dan: Queen = Bee

Josh: Bug = Chris

Dan: We (meaning me) are (is) in my 21st year of knowing of the existence of In Flames

Corey: Clayman is in my death metal mt rushmore, and I think IF has more listens than literally any other band in my library. BUT…

Josh: In general, last few haven’t done much for me but Clayman in the pinnacle

Dan: Heard about them when Guitar One did a feature on them around the time Reroute to Remain came out

Corey: this is the first time ive ever actually looked forward to an in flames album

Dan: Their “Black Album” almost

Josh: Agreed

Corey: because all that dirty stuff i like came before I was even aware of this sphere of music haha

Dan: So “new” In Flames since then has mostly just been varying degrees of disappointment

Chris: I came on with Reroute to Remain, love Jester Race and Clayman, but other than that really all I’ve loved since then was Come Clarity.

Corey: I wouldnt go that far

Chris: KINDA dug A Sense of Purpose, but everything else since then? Huge MEH

Dan Kaplan: I liked some of the stuff on A Sense of Purpose. The song “Deliver Us” from Sounds of a Playground Fading slaps. And then I, The Mask seemed to bring things back in the right direction. Maybe. We’ll see.

Josh: I jumped on at Whoracle and soaked it all in. Clayman was just the top for me. Early stuff pre Whoracle is excellent though. After Clayman, meh

Dan: But, the OG stuff — Lunar Strain through Clayman — is unimpeachable

Chris: I think we can all safely say Clayman is the shit

Corey: that would be correct

Josh: Reroute was good but fell off from Clayman

Chris: Am I the wacko that would rather listen to Come Clarity than Whoracle and Colony? Hi, it me!

Josh: Ouch haha

Dan: It’s okay Chris didn’t like Opaline either. We know to expect these things at least once per session

Josh: Hahahaha


Corey: there has been SOMETHING i like in basically each album, it ranges from like only 5 – 10 minutes in one… to like more than half the album in others

Josh: Agreed. A song or two here and there

Dan: Except Battles

Josh: But an entire album since Clayman, nah. Not for me

Corey: Battles and Siren Charms are the only ones that make me cringe

Dan: Shattles

Corey: but i think even those theres at least a song or two i stomach well enough

Chris: Yeah, heavy cringe on those

Corey Butterworth: but. i have bigly hopes for this one

Chris: Nothing that ever made me come back to those albums after the initial listen

Josh: 5 singles so far and all have been excellent

Chris: Same – loved how heavy the new stuff is – hoping they make it last an entire album

Corey: i familiarized myself with the singles enough – which is like half the album at this point – and each one was better than anything from the last few albums as far as im concerned

Josh: So the rest SHOULD be more of that

Dan: See this is gonna be interesting for me because I, once again, am coming in with NOTHING

Corey: oh this should be fun for you

Dan: The metallest and most brutal amount of songs of all

Corey: So like… shall we?

Josh: I’m set

Dan: I can hit play

Chris: let us do the thing

Corey: And…. GO

The Stream

In which we don’t complain about streaming promos for a change, consumption proceeds, and opinions are exposed.

Dan: [Track 1] “The Beginning Of All Things That Will End“. Reminds me of Mudvayne.

Josh: Nice intro

Corey: This be not how i saw the album starting haha but i dont hate it

Dan: The name, not the music. The music reminds me of “Moonshield 2: Electric Boogaloo”

Corey: YES and ill take that haha

Chris: Are we just getting an extended intro? How do you guys feel about those in general? Filler? Killer?

Corey: The end of all things that once began… but will end… after beginning

Josh: I dig it but unnecessary

Corey: i like this

Josh: Filler

Dan: This title is peak Bill and Ted philosophy

Corey: but maybe a minute longer than it needs to be

Dan: Dust… wind… dude

Chris: I like them – helps set the tone for what’s the come, but unless it’s a fully fleshed out instrumental I prefer it brief

Josh: All we are is… haha. Here we go

Chris: Track 2 “State of Slow Decay”

Corey: Slow Decaying States


Corey: THICC

Dan: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit

Corey: i fucking love this

Chris: It’s got that crunch baby – and then super classic In Flames riff

Josh: Damn that takes me back

Corey: Tanner Wayne appreciation comment: part 1

Dan: This is like all the classic melodeath riffage at once

Chris: Anders giving that nasty roar baby

Josh: Vocals on point as well

Corey: Sure is

Dan: There’s some At the Gates, some DT. Some In Flames

Corey: And there’s one of those tasty IF pre-choruses

Chris: Oh damn! Love how low they get on the chorus

Josh: Melo middle

Chris: usually by now we would have gotten some auto-tuned clean vocals…oh wait…there they are. I dug it though – brief and impactful

Josh: Brief was good for that

Dan: This song is already the best thing In Flames have done in at least 15 years.

Josh: And right back at it

Dan: And we’re 2/3 through it


Corey: Right – concise, and right back to the RIFFS

Chris: Definitely. This thing just doesn’t slow down. Love the pre-chorus

Dan: Was this one of the singles or nah?

Corey: yeah. the first one they released

Chris: I honestly can’t remember, lol…might be the bourbon

Corey: like 6 months ago i feel like haha

Dan: Track 3: “Meet Your Maker”

Josh: LOVE this one

Chris: Oh SHIT

Corey: Oooo

Chris: so heavy

Corey: That’s a reroute riff

Josh: SO DAMN HEAVY right here

Dan: Them’s some damn good chugs

Chris: love how punchy these songs are – get in, push you in the mouth and get out

Corey: V chug, much riff

Josh: Very very much and I’m here for it

Chris: Damn – that break right before the clean vocals hit was dynamite

Dan: This chorus is catchy as fuck

Corey: Loving that tone

Dan: Those harmonized cleans

Corey: Tanner Wayne appreciation comment: part 2

Chris: I love when IF does catchy without pandering…I felt like that was what made Clayman so special

Josh: The tone is what has had me reeling on this one

Chris: RIGHT THERE BABY: 1`:58

Dan: Man, Tanner is killing it

Corey: He rules

Dan: Drums feel so much more dynamic than they have in… uh, eve? **ever?

Corey: Agreed

Josh: So far dynamic is the term for this whole thing

Corey: Ahahah shit that lead into the solo

Josh: It sounds amazing

Dan: Is C-Brod doing the solos? Or Bjorn?

Corey: This be a broderick thing mayhaps?

Chris: Is Chris Broderick on this, or did he join too late?

Corey: Chris is on this

Dan: Or are they doing the Smith/Murray sharing arrangement

Chris: Corey I was thinking the same thing

Dan: There were two distinct sections there

Corey: After touring with them the last 3 years, I would hope so at least haha

Dan: The shreddy part seems more Broderick

Chris: Damn this is a band completely re-vitalized

Corey: It’s not… old in flames. its like… refreshed new in flames

Josh: No but it is in spirit

Chris: That is little I have been following the band – I had no idea it was that long lol

Josh: Refreshed yes

Corey: I only know from the shows I;ve shot to be honest. Whos that guy? Looks familiar

Dan: Track 4: “Bleeding Out”

Chris: okay – I am slightly trepidatious around the electronics in this intro

Dan: This is a kinda swaggering riff

Josh: Those drums man

Chris: oh, just throw that out and go massively heavy? I’m fine with that

Dan: Bit of a groove

Corey: Safe to say we were 2 for 2 going into this track?

Josh: Yes

Chris: oh hells yes

Dan: 3 for 3 if you count Moonshield Part Deux

Chris: or 3 for 3 if you count the intro

Josh: We’re working on an ALVIN here

Corey: I’ll say 2.5/3

Dan: Yo, this chorus man

Corey: because if the intro were half as long we’d be 3/3 haha

Chris: This is the “hit single” position if it were the 80s…I’m def down with this

Dan: This chorus is radio as all hell, but I still like it?

Josh: For sure but so catchy

Chris: Really like his the vocal melody swings

Josh: This one’s different but in a really good way

Corey: It’s varied enough to work really well

Chris: Dude this is the track everyone shouts at the top of their lungs in thd car

Josh: Chris said it, 80s. Love it

Chris: or “the car” but I’m drunk so…

Josh: Ha. SOLO

Corey: God those solos. RKOs outta fucking nowhere

Josh: incredible

Chris: There is a massive Broderick influence on these solos. Way more shred than old IF

Dan: This is the one Hot Topic ends up playing for all the high schoolers to give them inspiration for their AIM away messages. Or whatever the fuck the kids use these days

Chris: lol



Dan: Broderick fuckin slays, man

Corey: hes good at the musics

Dan: So glad he’s not working with MegaDave anymore

Chris: shit, we are 4 for 4 on a new in Flames?

Josh: Ywp

Corey: i say yay

Josh: Or yep

Dan: Indeed we are


Chris: AND THIS IS 100% GONNA BE 5 FOR 5

Dan: And hooooly shit does [Track 5] “Foregone Pt. 1” kick off with a bitch slap

Corey: Tanner Wayne appreciation comment: part 3

Dan: Of my ear holes

Chris: Love the beginning of this track – so much bite

Josh: Shredding commenced. Damn

Chris: Dude Tanner Wayne is KILLING IT

Josh: There definitely teeth in there here licks

Chris: the older I get the more I realize how little any of this works without a killer drummer

Dan: 100% Chris

Josh: Hahaha, I can’t spell all of a sudden

Dan: Or… rather… 0%, if you don’t have a drummer lol

Corey: jesus this chorus fucking SOARS

Josh: This is the IF everyone needed

Chris: This is my favorite track so far

Corey: Same

Josh: Mine as well. Just tips Meet Your Maker. Also the most IF a of the 5

Chris: This brings me right back to when I was re-discovering metal in the 2000s after being away for a while

Dan: Yo, let’s not lose sight of how awesome this thing SOUNDS, too. Howard Benson take a bow

Corey: RIGHT??? IT BIG

Josh: Agreed

Chris: The production is FANTASTIC. Tones are killer

Josh: Best sounding album I’ve heard in a while

Chris: Man I am SO GLAD I preordered this thing on vinyl

Josh: Same

Corey: me too

Dan: And now “Foregone Pt. 2”. Track 7. Or 6, for those who can actually count

Chris: Now this is classic IF melody coming through

Josh: So much melody here

Corey: Yeah this is a complete throwback. Tanner Wayne appreciation comment: part 4

Dan: I like that almost twangy kinda feel on these guitars

Chris: Love the sounds they have on the guitars. This looks to be the longest song on the album…love how they’re playing with different styles

Corey: This is a good track to set in the middle of this album

Josh: And switch it on a dime. Nice pacing

Chris: Yeah – it’s a cleanser but not filler at all.

Corey: I love the cadence of this thing

Chris: 6 tracks in and this is the best thing they’ve done in 15 years easy

Dan: Fuck it… 20

Chris: shit…maybe 20?

Josh: Exactly

Corey: Ok so. This back -to-back Foregone title-track stuff… incredible

Josh: Agreed. And perfect twofer to highlight a ton of stuff here

Dan: Yeah, it’s a real showcase of their versatility, this two-parter

Chris: Yeah – so good. Love how different Part 2 is. Epic, kinda hits a bit of an anthemic, power vibe in small spots

Dan: And now, [Track 7] “Pure Light of Mind”

Corey: Longest track on the record… and I wouldnt have hated a little more of it haha

Dan: Oh fuuuuuuuuuck these harmonies

Josh: Now THATS anthemic

Chris: This sounds a little Ghost in the throwback sound?

Josh: Huge intro

Corey: Well that went different

Josh: Hahahaha

Chris: WTF with these vocals?

Corey: Anders… doer of stuff! …That I don’t know if I like or not yet haha

Chris: I don’t hate it – but this feels more like some of the recent stuff

Dan: This is the “Love Bites” of this album lol

Corey; hahahaha

Chris Voss: BUT…stripped of the silly electronic pop stuff it has more heft the guitar playing is SO GOOD

Corey: Yeah its still dense enough and blah blah blah

Chris: For the record, it took seven tracks but I have officially killed the Eagle Rare


Corey: NICE

Josh: I’ve got a pour left of this Knob Creek and it’s going now

Dan: Fuckin hell, not to sound like a broken record, but how the fuck did they do any of what they did in the past with NOT-Tanner Wayne on drums

Josh: Dude is a killer, for real

Dan: It’s like when Brooks Wackerman came into Bad Religion. Like, how did any of this work before? Haha

Chris: IS he MVP so far?

Josh: Right

Corey: And I like Daniel! But it noticeably awesome

Josh: Yes

Dan: Best drummer they’ve had by a significant margin

Corey: liked* because… duh

Chris: Definitely. Also love what benson is bringing to the production

Josh: I mean, everyone is 100% here but damn these drums!

Chri: Ok, that was …fine. But I need the heavy back

Corey: Ok so this is wrapping up, and it’s, ya know, what it be… but I’ll allow it!

Dan: Aight, [Track 8] “The Great Deceiver”.

Corey: Heavy back


Corey: In Flames go brrrrrrrrrrr… ive had beers

Josh: There it is, THEY FOUND IT AGAIN

Chris: oh c’mon with that fucking breakdown

Josh: LOL

Chris: goddamn I love it

Josh: Yep

Dan: Yo, that pre-chorus thing

Chris: Anders is constipated with that roar, and I’m here for it

Dan: Hits right in the feels

Josh: Just me or is this the “heaviest” they’ve done since maybe the first two albums?


Josh: Just can’t get over how crystalline this thing sounds

Chris: okay, this is giving “Forgone Pt.1” a run for its money

Corey: JOEY WAS RIGHT! what a line haha

Dan: Yeah, I think this is my fave so far

Chris: I believe this was a single too, right?

Corey: it was. this is the last one

Chris: Tanner just accenting those riffs so perfectlyu

Corey: everything after this is uncharted Anders. Tanner Wayne appreciation comment: part 5. ooo tasty lead

Chris: Love the solo break before returning to the heavy.

Josh: 90s melodeath class right here and I’m in

Chris: Just spotlighted like that with nothing else…chef’s kiss

Corey: Those tones will never not slay me

Chris: I can’t believe they spent so much of the last decade masking that tone with needless effects

Josh: Agreed

Corey: [Track 9] “In The Dark”


Chris: Oh shit “In the Dark” has the heavy immediately

Josh: and the groove

Dan: Heavy swing dance? Lol

Josh: It’s that for sure

Chris: We’ve kinda been missing a mid-paced heavy death groove, and this is IT

Dan: I will be the fifth dentist here and say this one isn’t quite doing it for me

Corey: The Chris Broderick influence is real on this thing. lovin it

Chris: I love this and DAMN TANNER COME ON!

Dan: It’s not bad, but not up to the level of the others IMO

Corey: yeah but it JUST CHANGED DAN

Dan: Oooh this vaguely folky part, what is this?

Chris: Oh man, nope. Love the break with the guitars. This is crazy and I am super digging it

Josh: It’s just a slide to the left. But man it’s so good

Corey: oh wut


Chris: lol

Josh: Hahahaha

Corey: ok


Corey: this is really fucking cool haha

Chris: That double kick is giving me Lombardo vibes in the best possible way

Dan: The verse part still doesn’t quite do it

Josh: Those vocals man, gnarly

Dan: But that chorus brought me onboard

Josh: Ahoy

Corey: so the pre-chorus doesnt really do it for me… but thats it. love this otherwise

Chris: Sorry Dan – I love everything about this. This is so doing it for me. And the solos!

Dan: The solos fucking KILL

Chris: Man I really dig their pre-chorus.

Dan: I do not lol

Corey: Ok so…dueling solos? This is incredible

Josh: Fucking Siri just started announcing stuff and now IS NOT THE TIME. Hang on…

Dan: But the chorus and solos are mint

Corey: Love how distinct they are

Josh: Ok, fixed. Man, love this track

Chris: Man I am SO GLAD they ditched the electronics

Josh: What a blast there at the end

Corey: [Track 10] “A Dialog in b Flat Minor” … what on earth could this bring us?

Dan: A Dialogue in B flat Minor lol

Corey: lol apparently

Dan: Is it even in B flat? It doesn’t sound like it?

Chris: Love how they’re layering the riffs over time for this

Corey: couldnt tell ya. i cant music

Chris: oof. Hold on

Josh: Whoa. I say whoaaaa

Chris: This is a Tanner masterclass. But…I’m not sure I’m loving the clean vocal parts yet

Corey: Tanner Wayne appreciation comment: part… 6? 1,000,000?

Chris: The music though? 1000%

Josh: I’m digging those not clean parts a lot

Chris: Yeah exactly

Dan: god these fucking guitarmonies

Josh: Right

Dan: This is just everything I needed

Josh: Again switching it up all over the place and again it just works

Chris: Definitely gets better as it goes

Josh: There’s so much about this I shouldn’t like but I do

Chris: Wasn’t too keen on the opening verses, but this got WAY better on the backhalf

Corey: I can already tell this album is going to be on constant repeat for me for awhile haha



Josh: Hard same

Chris: MORZE AND MORZE. This is not only the best In Flames in decades, but this is better than anything Soilwork or Dark Tranquillity have put out in forever, eirther. THERE, I SAID IT

Dan: Correct, Chris

Josh: Oh absolutely, and I agree

Corey: This album covers plenty of ground, and i really appreciate it that no track nor idea overstays its welcome

Chris: [Track 11] “Cynosure” as the penultimate track. Oooh. bass?

Josh: And they’re not repeating themselves anywhere either. Freaking killer

Corey: ooo bass!

Chris: We have not really had the bass up front uet’


Dan: It’s funny you mention Soilwork… this thing has had me thinking of their last really good effort (Living Infinite) on a number of occasions. Would love to hear a drum-off between Tanner and Dirk Verbeuren lol

Chris: I love that every track has truly brought the rock. This is a good, solid late track

Corey: agreed

Josh: Yep, they’re bringing it on this album

Chris: You leave the back half for your more exploratory stuff.

Dan: I don’t love this verse, but the rest of it is solid

Corey: this latter half of this album is all over the place… in a very good way

Dan: The filter effect on the verse vocals just isn’t doing it for me

Josh: Not my favorite track but I ain’t mad at it either

Dan: Sure. It’s fine! Haha

Josh: Still rocks and still with the drums!

Chris: Yeah I can get behind that, Dan. Leave the effects for those who need it, dude. You’ve just proven over like 9 songs that you don’t.

Corey: This build towards the end has my attention

Dan: These choruses all fucking soar though, all of them

Corey: they sure do!

Josh: I’d love to see an alvin play through witu the camera on the drum set. Hahahaha, there it is by a whoops




Dan: Alright last track!

Dan: [Track 12] “End the Transmission” (That began at some point)

Chris: ok, wrapping it up with “End the Transmission”

Josh: End on a high note? So far, yes

Corey: sounds mean

Chris: This is definitely starting on a high note

Josh: Oh yea dude, menacing

Corey: fucking tanner

Josh: I love this

Chris: Again – they knew they had a ringer in Tanner so those drums are placed PROMINENTLY

Dan: lol this chorus

Josh: And what a way to close this thing out

Dan: this is goofy

Chris: Fuck – I kinda love this

Dan: i don’t hate it. but it’s goofy

Corey: i all the way love this haha

Chris: Great goofy though.

Josh: Ok I’ll grant you the chorus is goofy

Corey: honestly? it also just sounds like In Flames had a blast putting this album together

Chris: This chorus is so mush glorious cheese. Yeah – this sounds FUN

Josh: They really did and it shows… Sounds?

Dan: Hey man, if all I can say bad about something In Flames is doing in the year 2023 is “lol this is goofy” they’re doing a great fucking job



Josh: Solos are EPIC all the way through

Chris: Seriously though – the drums are SO UP FRONT

Corey: I cant get over what he (Tanner) is doing for this band/album

Josh: Really gives the album a solid punch. Extra solid

Chris: I am drunk and air drumming to this track

Josh: Yea I just knocked over a glass haha

Chris: Well shit.

Josh: Ok so

Corey: this kinda feels like a bonus track where they were just like… fuck it, throw it in

im good with that


In which our heroes, thoroughly soused and still going strong despite Dan’s disapproval, inefficiently attempt to wrap up.

Dan: Y’all are cut off

Chris: That was an album, folks

Josh: An ALVIN even

Corey: im letting this run through again haha

Dan: [opens Bandcamp] [preorders album] [nods]

Corey: I… I am so happy

Josh: Where are we? 12 for 12? 11 for 12? I’m ecstatic

Corey: dude i have no idea, but all the alvins belong to in flames

Josh: This is what I wanted from an In Flames album for SOOOOO long

Corey: and most of those alvins belong to tanner

Josh: Yes they do

Dan: So like… I struggled beforehand because I was thinking like… even if this does go back to “good In Flames” — I’ve changed so much as a music listener / person SINCE good In Flames was a thing. I was like “is that even gonna mean anything for me?” Well fuck that doubt. This was fucking great.

Chris: Me too. I think for me this is 12 for 12…small quibbles with “Pure Light of Mind” and “Cynosure” but nothing to hate or even dislike…AND SO MUCH TO LOVE

Josh: Exactly same for me chris. Those two are the only slight fumbles

Corey: When does my vinyl ship again? need it haha


Josh: I’m hoping those vinyls hit the mail Monday. God this was excellent!

Chris: When does this officially release?

Josh: Friday

Corey: the 10th

Josh: And it’s at top of Descent of course

Chris:damn” State of Slow Decay”. it’s a battle cry

Corey: yeahhhhh im there again too haha

Josh: It’s so good


Josh: They couldn’t have picked a better proper opener

Corey: I… I’m over the moon, folks. I am without speech. This album makes me so happy haha

Josh: Right there with you. I’ve had these hopes for years and HERE WE ARE FINALLY

Chris: Now – does this make you want to go revisit I, the Mask or battles?

Josh: NOPE

Corey: battles? no

Josh: I’m good right here with this

Corey: but a couple of those we, the blog tracks were legit

Dan: I might be mis-remembering the timeline

Chris: lol – I can tell you this is going to put me on a major In Flames deep dive for the next few days. Completely trounced the imitators and brought that classic vibe back

Dan: But didn’t I, The Mask and Bodom’s “Hexed” come out at around the same time?

Corey: ummmm maybe?

Dan: And both kinda did the double take “whoa they’ve still got something in the tank?”

Corey: did hexed come out in 2019?

Dan: Shame we won’t be able to see a next move from Bodom like we’ve had here. I thought it did?

Corey: IT DID! well, there ya go

Dan: they were within a week of each other! Thanks, Wikipedia!

Chris: So I guess I gotta give I, the Mask another go. Bodom never did anything for me, but jeez this has me jonesing to get back into all the OG In Flames

Josh: You know, this album is going to destroy our rankings list haha


Corey: Yeah. I’m immediately putting on my 20th anni Clayman vinyl after im done with this haha

Josh: Oh damn that it is a great idea

Chris: And I’m probably going to be ordering a shit load of vinyl to cover what I don’t already own

Josh: I’ve got a couple to infill and will be doing that right after this

Corey: Oh… should we end the transcription part of this at any point? Or fuck the readers deal with it?

Chris: Anyone have any words? Josh, what’s the ALVINS count?


Josh: 1,000. Bit seriously, this thing is the best since Clayman. I adore this album

Corey: Agreed – all of them.

Chris: You’re seeing it first folks: All the ALVINS for the new In Flames. Holy Shit.

Dan: Yeah. And more importantly, you can say “This is the best since Clayman” and it actually means something on its own merits this time.


Chris: Dan I’m taking back my earlier comments because I just put on Whoracle and DAMN


Dan: Unlike before where it’s like “This is the best since Clayman” and it’s like “well, it’s not as bad as Soundtrack to Your Esecap” lol

Josh: hahahahaa well, we didn’t have this yet so we were reaching


Josh: BOOM

Corey: I just got to foregone pt 1 again and brb gonna go run through a wall

All the ALVINS for the new In Flames. Every Alvin that ever Alvined. We just broke our own album ranking system that we invented but a single album ago. Incredible. Check back next month when we make more poor decisions for the sake of internet content. For now, trust this process, Foregone is awesome. In Flames have officially ushered in a two album ramble win streak.

– Top Brass

Foregone is officially out on February 10 through Nuclear Blast. For more information on In Flames, jump over to their website or Facebook page.

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