Donuts & CANTO: Moon Tooth, Void Ritual, Meshuggah and more!

moon tooth 2017
Moon Tooth

April 19, 2017

Good morning, it’s time to metal. Here’s some news you might have missed from yesterday:

  • Leading off, here’s a tour announcement you won’t see every day: Moon Tooth has revealed that they and Tombs will be supporting…Fit for an Autopsy? And hey! They’re coming to my hometown, so I can do one of my patented “catch both the opening bands, then Irish exit before the headliner” routines!

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Vortex of Uncertainty: Josh’s 2017 List


Is 2017 going to be the year we figure it all out? Probably not but who knows. Is it going to be the year that beats 2016 on the metal front? We won’t know for awhile but I’m very optimistic. Our world as we know it is full of uncertainty and precisely what will happen in the coming days, much less the coming year, can be overwhelming and alarming to think about. But as long as the metal stays, at least, as good as we had it last year we will have a place to hide away for that fleeting moment of bliss. I’ve got many things I’m looking forward to this year but the following list represents those that occupy the highest anticipation level for me at the moment. So, endure one more list and we will see you back here at the end of the year to see if these reigned supreme. Continue reading

The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 52


Corey’s tied up this week, so joining Dan on the pod is special guest Daniel Jackson! Dan is the mastermind behind Void Ritual, Dead Wretch and a bunch of other projects, and was also recently named editor of the forthcoming Kwinn Metal blog. The conversation was recorded on Tuesday, and took the two Dans all over the place — from Opeth to Maryland Deathfest to Mare Cognitum and more. It’s a hell of a time, trust us.

All that and much, much more in Episode 52, so check it out!

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Mini-Profile: Daniel Jackson’s Not-Metal Favorites

daniel jackson void ritual desu

We here at Nine Circles have been inspired by a number of writers. In the near future, we will start doing writer profiles for some of them, for it was those writers that inspired us to join, and water down, their craft. With that in mind, we asked a preliminary question to a bunch of writers we intend to profile. Today we bring you everybody’s favorite hero of metal and true believer in women’s rights, Daniel Jackson! Continue reading

Weekend Recap: 4/12/2015 – 4/18/2015

Horns Up Background


Well howdy ‘do, another weekend come and gone, and another Sunday spent contemplating how the hell it did so as quickly as it did. With Corey down in Boston for marathon prep, you’ve got me for this edition of the Weekend Recap. Let’s get right into it, then, shall we?

  • In Episode 48 of The Horns Up Podcast, we made fun of Dave Mustaine’s hilarious excuse for a crowdfunding campaign, then took a look at new albums from Outre, Bladecatcher and Árstíðir lífsins. There’s more, too, but why spoil it? Listen and find out for yourselves!
  • Manny-O-War had a great conversation with Void Ritual mastermind Dan Jackson about blast beats, writing and recording solo, and his new, Godzilla-themed project, Desu.
  • In case you didn’t have enough Manny-O-War, the second edition of his column, “The Many Faces of Manny,” dropped this week! This time out, he railed against heavyweight cotton t-shirts—as hilariously as you might expect.
  • Need a little death metal in your Sunday? Check out Josh’s look back at Deicide’s Once Upon the Cross from this week’s Retrospective.
  • That’s probably the best bet for your death metal fix. As we saw in my review on Tuesday, Bladecatcher’s first venture into the genre—the debut EP, Obverse—leaves a bit to be desired.

Anyway, that should more than cover you for stuff from last week. Check back throughout this week and see what’s new!

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