Vortex of Uncertainty: Josh’s 2017 List (Revisited)


I’m revisiting my initial post for what I was looking forward to from 2017 to see if those picks stood the test of time and if they were all I had hoped for. I don’t plan on going into too much detail as some of these may or may not be included in the impending EOY festivities. This year was definitely not the year we figured it all out and in fact it created more questions than any year I can remember. I do think 2017 was at least as good as 2016 on the metal front and in some cases was better, everyone will feel differently here but that’s my two cents. Metal was indeed my safe place to get away from all the bad this year held and I ran to it often. Without further ado, let’s see how these fared…

couch slut contempt

Couch Slut – Contempt (Gilead Media)

Based strictly off the strength of debut My Life As a Woman I anticipated Contempt the most this year. Couch Slut delivered an album that would see the band become as important of a part as its incendiary vocalist Megan Osztrosits and because of it I listened with undeterred intent for weeks. Over time though, I found myself returning to the impressively disturbing noise of the band’s debut and unfortunately Contempt backslid in my rotation. Don’t get me wrong, this second full length is great, and for a lot of reasons, but for me it didn’t have the staying power of their previous effort.

Mindkult - Lucifer's Dream

Mindkult – Lucifer’s Dream (Transcending Obscurity) 

This was another album that based on a previous effort I was really looking forward to. Mindkult’s Witch’s Oath mix of doom, desert rock, folk and early 90’s hard rock made me gravitate to it and stay with it but it was Fowst’s (mastermind and sole member) vocals that added a depth that made it an instant favorite. Unfortunately, with Lucifer’s Dream, these vocals were buried deep in the mix and at times unintelligible and the music, overall, was largely the same. I was really hoping for further exploration of the sound that made that debut EP such a hit but instead it fell somewhat flat. It was good but not great and hopefully the next album will prove to be something great, which I know Fowst is capable of.

corrosion of conformity - no cross no crown

Corrosion of Conformity – No Cross No Crown (Nuclear Blast) – Jan. 12, 2018

Well, it didn’t happen so I’ve got nothing to report. However, January will finally see this album released and based on the sound of “Cast the First Stone” this will be another great album from COC and one that will rule my ears for weeks, months and so on.


Agoraphobic Nosebleed – TBD, EP 2 (Relapse Records) – TBD

Again, nothing to report. No news of when this will be available so I’ll just be over here with my anticipation and still listening to Arc.


Olkoth – Sacrosanctis (Independent) – 2018

And yet again, no dice on this one from Olkoth in 2017. But I have it on good word that 2018 is looking good — hopefully. Whenever this is released expect to read more about it here. In unfortunate news, the band’s drummer, Vance “Apollyon” Jeffcoat, passed a few days ago. Condolences to friends and family. Rest In Peace.

On to the others that were equally as anticipated; Void Ritual released Heretical Wisdom and it was yet another top notch black metal outing in the amazing body of work that Dan Jackson has amassed. Coming from the extremely personal and emotional side of black metal was Twilight Fauna’s The Year the Stars Fell which I thoroughly enjoyed over many “clear my head” walks and fires under star light. Immolation’s Atonement was a statement of death metal supremacy from a band that has nothing left to prove yet keep getting better with age. Kreator’s Gods of Violence was just meh for me, it came across as simply status quo. I enjoyed their performance at this year’s Decibel tour way more than I did this album so I’ll stick with their early body of work until further notice. Fórn‘s newest monolith of doom didn’t make the August or September release date nor will it be out by end of year, hopefully this will be an early 2018 release. This was also not the year we would finally hear new material from Old Thunder. But all signs are good that release date is drawing near and I’m beyond ecstatic about it (post publication correction: digital release will be available December 8 on Bandcamp and now my excitement is through the roof). Finishing up and continuing my theme of anticipating albums that didn’t see release this year is Pig Destroyer because it’s still been too long since Book Burner and I really miss the kind of grind that PD brings to the table, let’s do this in 2018 guys.

That’s it for my recap and if you’re still here thanks for reading. If you bailed early thanks for stopping by anyway. For the rest of 2017 and all of 2018: listen to more metal, cherish your family, cherish your friends and for gods sake be better to each other.

– Josh

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