Premiere: Neon Scaffold — “Неоновый эшафот”

On October 19th, the split from Neon Scaffold and Gruzja, titled Konflikt, will be released through Devoted Art Propaganda. Today, Nine Circles is excited to offer up the fourth track from that album: Neon Scaffold’s “Неоновый эшафот” (which translates to “Neon Scaffold”). This is a joint effort that will undoubtedly push the limits, as both projects embrace the experimental elements of their aggression. Get a sense of what’s to come immediately after the jump.

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Best of 2019: Zyklonius’ List

Best of 2019

By now, it has become customary for me to recall at the turn of the year how great the past 12 months were for metal and its myriad sub-genres and styles, and how difficult it has become to keep one’s head above the water in the face of the deluge of releases. I have been listening to metal for over 25 years but am still astonished and impressed on a daily basis by the boundless imagination on display, be it the ever-blossoming creativity of bands who have been operating for 20 years or the ravenous appetite of newcomers.  Continue reading

CURSED IMAGERY: The Week in Album Art (October 18, 2019)

cursed imagery

Hey all! Coming in juuuuust under the wire — and by that, I mean, “Hi! It’s ten ’til 6 AM and I’m just starting to write this post!” — is this week’s edition of Cursed Imagery. But don’t think we’ll be skimping on you. Oh, no. We’ve got seven highlights from this week’s new release crop to bring your way: some good, some bad, all memorable. So let’s jump in and take a look!

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