Premiere: Neon Scaffold — “Неоновый эшафот”

On October 19th, the split from Neon Scaffold and Gruzja, titled Konflikt, will be released through Devoted Art Propaganda. Today, Nine Circles is excited to offer up the fourth track from that album: Neon Scaffold’s “Неоновый эшафот” (which translates to “Neon Scaffold”). This is a joint effort that will undoubtedly push the limits, as both projects embrace the experimental elements of their aggression. Get a sense of what’s to come immediately after the jump.

Categorized somewhere in the psychedelic and experimental branches of metal and hard rock, the Russian project Neon Scaffold have truly created something unique with this one. Six minutes of jarring, yet catchy, passages. At an initial pass, it all feels somewhat chaotic. But as you get into the depths of what this track has to offer, it becomes apparent how well it all comes together. It’s harsh, and to some extent the stop/start nature of the instrumentation offers a form of whiplash. But interplay between all these elements in simply awesome. Furthermore, it’s all crafted in a way that energizes, and only piques my interest in what else it to come on this split.

As mentioned, this split will be unleashed on October 19th through Devoted Art Propaganda. In the meantime, be sure to follow both Neon Scaffold and Gruzja to stay up to date as we continue to approach the upcoming release date. Gruzja has some offerings on Bandcamp as well, so be sure to jump on all that at some point… like the next Bandcamp Friday.

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