Video Premiere: Pale Mare – “Descolada”

Pale Mare

Toronto’s Pale Mare is a band you may remember from their self titled EP that came out two years ago. Comprised of only three songs, the EP gave us just enough of an inside look to know the band’s roots come from the hard hitting but sludgy side of metal. Simply meaning, this thing ruled and is still something we’re spinning when in need of that extra adrenaline. The band recently signed with Black Bow Records and will be re-releasing the EP soon so be sure to grab a copy when it’s available. Ahead of this re-release, we are proud to feature a Video Premiere of the opening track “Descolada” and it’s about the best example of how heavy the band can be as they gallop through nearly six minutes of serpentine riffs and viscous rhythms.  Continue reading

Video Premiere: Death On Fire – “Hope”

Death On Fire - Hope

Melodic death metallers Death On Fire recently teamed up with Corpse Paint and Dayglo (C.A.P.D.) for a split, Hope, that is wildly different from most things you’ve heard recently. C.A.P.D.’s side has been described as the perfect dance music for the Dark Lord while Death On Fire’s side is more of their unapologetic death metal BUT there’s a twist. Each offers original tracks but also a few unexpected covers that are spicy to say the least. Today, we are proud to bring you the lyric video premiere for the title track, “Hope,” from Death On Fire so head inside to check it out.  Continue reading

Video Premier: Zero Fire – “Ghosts”

Zero Fire - Ghosts Artwork

Zero Fire is a Canadian hard rock / metal band that has much in common with 90s hard rock. Influences from Deftones, Tool and many others from that timeframe can be heard in their groove and hard hitting yet melodic riffing but also in the soaring vocals. In 2016 the band was nominated for a Hamilton Music Award off the strength of their self-titled EP and last week they released the single Ghosts which strongly builds on the EP’s momentum. Today, Zero Fire is premiering the Halloween inspired video for this single with us so stick around to check it out for yourself. Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Opeth – “Era”


Reading through the past editions of Visions ov Hell it’s readily apparent the art of the music video has come a long way from the days of standing still and faux playing to neon-strobed back projection (although in Sabbath’s case, it’s still pretty freaking cool). As the music became more ambitious, so did the videos until we arrive at a place where one could have the argument that not only are music videos a legitimate art form as well as a marketing tool, but that in some cases can elevate and even supersede the actual music. Opeth are certainly no strangers to the concept of evolution, their latest album Sorceress being a sort of culmination in the musical evolution/transformation begun with 2011’s Heritage so it’s fitting today’s entry is their new video for the aptly named “Era”. Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Katatonia – “Old Heart Falls”

Katatonia is one of those bands that almost never significantly alters their sound. Sure, they did once. But on either side of that rift the albums are consistent within their own valley and are always wrought with emotion. Their new track, “Old Heart Falls” off their upcoming LP entitled The Fall of Hearts is no different from their post 1999 work. Dripping with hollow metaphors, unanswered questions about life and emotional underpinnings, “Old Heart Falls” is yet another solid, catchy work in the annals of Katatonia’s work. Continue reading