Album Review: Pyrrhon — “Abscess Time”

Pyrrhon - Abscess Time

Brooklyn experimental tech-death purveyors Pyrrhon returned last week with their new, fourth full-length, Abscess Time. Check out my thoughts in a new video review after the jump!

Abscess Time is a difficult album for difficult times. It’s not one you’ll be able to pop on as casual background music. But if you’re in the right headspace — feeling overwhelmed by the world, need something to scream at the sky to, etc. — it’s a pretty marvelous trip.

Hit the play button below for the full scoop!

(NOTE: This video was originally recorded on June 23 — hence the “this Friday” — when discussing release dates. Due to a processing snafu with YouTube, we were unable to release it until today…a week later. The album is out. Blame YouTube.)

Keep it heavy!

Abscess Time is available now via Willowtip Records. For more information on Pyrrhon, visit the band’s Facebook page.


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