Video Premiere: Pale Mare – “Descolada”

Pale Mare

Toronto’s Pale Mare is a band you may remember from their self titled EP that came out two years ago. Comprised of only three songs, the EP gave us just enough of an inside look to know the band’s roots come from the hard hitting but sludgy side of metal. Simply meaning, this thing ruled and is still something we’re spinning when in need of that extra adrenaline. The band recently signed with Black Bow Records and will be re-releasing the EP soon so be sure to grab a copy when it’s available. Ahead of this re-release, we are proud to feature a Video Premiere of the opening track “Descolada” and it’s about the best example of how heavy the band can be as they gallop through nearly six minutes of serpentine riffs and viscous rhythms. 


The band had this to say about the “Descolada” video:

This UK rerelease of our first EP via Black Bow Records comes in almost at the two year anniversary of its initial release with Medusa Crush Recordings. A lot has changed within the band since the EP first came out and we are excited to have it garner some extra attention overseas ahead of our long awaited follow up which we’ve been working very hard on. 

In the two years since its release the band has grown in so many ways and had some personnel changes as well. We’ve always had strong support at our beloved venue Coalition which unfortunately closed its doors for good this year. 

As part of the tape release to celebrate all we’ve managed to do in 2 years we also took the opportunity to film a live video at the final weekend of mayhem at Coalition where we had the honor to perform on its legendary stage one more time surrounded by our friends. 

Check out the video, listen to the EP and take counsel with RIFFS. We are just getting started.  

Stay tuned to Black Bow Records for the upcoming EP re-release and grab a digital copy now on the band’s Bandcamp page. Keep up with all things Pale Mare on the band’s Facebook page.

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