Video Premiere: Death On Fire – “Hope”

Death On Fire - Hope

Melodic death metallers Death On Fire recently teamed up with Corpse Paint and Dayglo (C.A.P.D.) for a split, Hope, that is wildly different from most things you’ve heard recently. C.A.P.D.’s side has been described as the perfect dance music for the Dark Lord while Death On Fire’s side is more of their unapologetic death metal BUT there’s a twist. Each offers original tracks but also a few unexpected covers that are spicy to say the least. Today, we are proud to bring you the lyric video premiere for the title track, “Hope,” from Death On Fire so head inside to check it out. 

Listening to that track, it’s apparent that Death On Fire get their inspirations from far more corners than just the metal spectrum. The riff structures and tones used throughout hint at a vast musical knowledge but with the bite this band has become known for. Mastermind Tim Kenefic offered the following about the track:

“This is a song for anyone dealing with adversity and loss. For me it is very personal. It has a lot of self reflection regarding some difficult topics in my life. Musically it is based on a down five progression with some really interesting timing changes. All in all it should snap some necks!”

Death On Fire

To pick up your copy of Hope, visit the band’s Bandcamp page and while you’re there go ahead and grab the rest of their offerings. To stay informed on all things Death On Fire, visit their official website and Facebook page.

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