Sunday Side-Splitter: Mic Drops Palmeri

Well, it’s Sunday. Which means you’re probably hungover and miserable about tomorrow being Monday, much like myself. Hopefully this Sunday Side-Splitter will serve as a partial remedy. Old news, but it had to be shared on this page. On May 7, 2013 at an Emmure gig in Moscow, Frankie Palmeri was electrocuted by his own microphone and was unable to finish the song or set.

You can check out a very brief, 17-second clip of the incident below. I could have forced you to sit through a longer version, but I wouldn’t subject you to that much Emmure. Even 17 seconds is pushing it. No idea what song they were playing, because, well, they all sound the same. Because deathcore.

But…I have so many questions! Was Emmure’s equipment rejecting their music like the rest of us? Is Mr. Palmeri being bullied by his microphone? From my understanding, he has had issues with bullying in the past. Am I bullying him right now? Even if I am, at least I’ll remember his birthday!

Who knows the meaning behind this, but at some point I’m sure he will write a song about proving his microphone wrong, claiming it’s a poser or something. Somewhere in the lyrical content he’ll probably make claims regarding the inanimate object’s sexual orientation. Because, ya know, that seems to be popular language with this guy. Happy hangover.


– Corey

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up. 

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