Throwback Thursday: Annihilator’s “Alison Hell”


Last month marked the 26-year anniversary of Annihilator’s thrashtastic debut full-length Alice in Hell. I always have a little listening party around the original release date, so the past month has been my “anniversary party,” so to speak. If I had to choose one song that I go back to the most and that has stood the test of time, it would be “Alison Hell,” which is the focus of this Throwback Thursday.

From the simple sounding plucked guitar intro to Jeff Waters’ unmistakably punchy lead guitar work, this was instantly different than anything I had heard to this point in my young metal years. Plus, a band singing about someone named Alice that was in hell played right into my burgeoning horror movie infatuation. To this day, everything about this track puts an ear to ear grin on my face. The guitars—whether in full on thrash mode or taking burning solos—just bleed all that is metal. Randy Rampage’s aggressive vocals set the bar high for others to follow and his execution was unquestionable.

“Alison Hell” isn’t the fastest track on the album, but it runs the gamut of what the band had to offer in a short timeframe. The production quality is top notch, especially for 1989. So, if you’re looking for perfect thrash that carries melody and hits technical perfection, look no further than this track.


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