Receiving the Evcharist – Primordial and Michter’s


By the time you read this, I will be fully immersed in shitty beer and less shitty metal. Yes, Maryland Deathfest is in full force at this point, yet I still managed to hammer out a weekly dose of whiskey… and more importantly a weekly dose of amazing music a few days in advance. This week’s edition of evcharist consumption is inspired by, as it so happens, my favorite performance from MDF 2015. It is also inspired by alcohol. But, ya know, duh. Shall we begin? The Metal: Primordial’s To The Nameless Dead, The Booze: Michter’s Straight Rye Whiskey.


The Metal: Primordial – To The Nameless Dead (2007)

Yes, yes, I know. 2014’s Where Greater Men Have Fallen was one of the best albums to come out in recent memory. And I agree, it was freaking amazing. But the reality is, I would argue that Primordial’s best work came seven years prior with the release of To The Nameless Dead. For one, it opens with “Empire Falls”, which, come on, do I need to go any further? What a way to start an album. But when you get into the thought-provoking “Gallows Hymn” (“I’m a heathen, searching for his soul…”) and the weight of “Traitors Gate”, you realize that this might cover as much ground as the Irishmen ever have. There are even some folky acoustic things going on when you get to the eight minute adventure that is “Heathen Tribes.” In fact, the only thing that I can really say Where Greater Men Have Fallen definitely holds above it is the production… the most recent album definitely sounds bigger, more epic. But the bottom line is, I am obsessed with this album from start to finish. It is a more recent additional to my endlessly growing collection and I’ve been spinning it over and over again for weeks now.

The Booze: Michter’s Straight Rye Whiskey

But you know what is just as awesome as Primordial? Michter’s. All the Michter’s. Their bourbon? Solid. Their American Whiskey? Can’t go wrong. But their rye? God DAMN. While Knob Creek may hold the throne as my go-to rye, this isn’t far behind. A bit pricier, but still reasonable at 42 bucks, this rye is a bit lighter at 42.4%. And it’s noticeable, as few ryes are this smooth. Perhaps a bit young tasting if anything, but that isn’t always a bad thing. It is incredibly easy to sip basically all night long, with just the right amount of dryness in the finish to keep the taste complex. The flavors aren’t nearly as bold as some of the other ryes out there, but it’s a trade off for how drinkable this son of bitch is. I mean it would be very easy to split a bottle of this (or be selfish and consume the entire thing) in a weekend. Or better yet, a single evening. It comes from one of America’s first distilleries and the expertise definitely shines through. I always buy these things with the intention of sharing and it just rarely happens. Do yourself a favor and get on my level with this thing. You won’t regret it.

Ya know? There are few things finer than kicking back alone with a good black metal album and an equally good rye. With a slim 48 hours standing between myself and Baltimore, this combination is a welcomed dose of reflection and relaxation ahead of the chaos that will consume the next several days of my life. Cheers, everyone.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

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