Album Review: Evocación – “Evocación”

Evocación - Evocación

Just when one is certain they’ve experienced the vilest, most despicable sounding death/doom metal, Calgari Records delivers one that not only pushes past those boundaries but shatters them. Spain’s Evocación deliver a grueling debut full length with Evocación, one that revels in repetitive dirges and horrifying vocals. Amidst the languid song structuring lies the golden nugget this album offers, it sounds like it was pulled straight from the bowels of some forgotten 80s hell house where unspeakable actions took place and the imprint of these actions stained the master tapes. But really this is a master class effort of endurance through brutality and one you’ll want to enjoy every second of.

The atmosphere on Evocación is so thick a knife would have a tough time getting through it, likewise for the palpable sense of dread one encounters for nearly the entire 31 minute run time. The drums are sharp and jarring, the guitars range from death metal elite to shrill and pain inducing (“Rituales Sin Forma”), and the vocals…are just nasty, no better way to put it. The range of guttural growls to high pitched squeals are enough to induce night sweats but are at their best when they come screaming out of nowhere. Proof? Listen to this thing loud and if you don’t jump out of your skin at least once you’re already dead.

But the verses don’t just lumber along like a slow burn horror movie, the band are equally proficient in the kind of rampaging death metal (“Radiaciones Nocturnas”) that made Incantation and Possessed household names early in their respective careers. As if the furious blast beats and guitar wails aren’t enough the band mixes in repetitive tribal rhythms that give the feel of being the lamb at the heart of a sacrificial gathering. Throughout the five tracks on this debut, Evocación do a stellar job of both sadistic death metal and bombastic doom metal, neatly blanketed in a warm analog sound perfectly befitting of its contents.


Evocación’s self titled debut may not be an easy listen, even to the most hardened metal fans, but it is a hauntingly rewarding one. Caligari Records just has a knack for finding some of the best metal on the planet and their stellar run continues on this one. As always, these cassettes are limited, get them while they’re hot.


Evocación is available now on Caligari Records. For more information on Evocación remember the good old days of having to wait to find out.

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